Majestic Thou in Ruin

1. ...Majestic Thou in Ruin

Stillness upholds the night
Behoove the eventide
Make wholesome the last
As dreary as it was somber
Mist falls, settles
Thou art honoured

Unheard madrigal score
Destined through malady
A lifetime hence
The last twilight ordain

See the splendour from loss
Majestic thou in ruin
Rebirth of successive
Bodies banished to pleasure
Unending idiom of latency

Capture the fog lift it
The exalted doth appear

2. Paled

All scourges passed
The world shrinks
Saddened by eloquence pure
Taketh thy verse
We shall suffer acutely
O' great lake of tears
A solemn mass sung
From olden catacombs
Pale men lie wreathed
...In gloom

Frolicking wings of monarch,
Doth crumble and morning dew shall

Too oft I weep
For our discord begotten
As every last eye will close.

A shoreline haven succumbed,
to mirage inevitable

Embrace within our weakend arms

Shan't we view our fallen oaks
Timid fawns
Shed sullen tears

I, a worn man
Forced to submit
Manifest grief

Therefore i withdraw my pen in nocturnal repose

3. Thy Bitter Woe

I, the ancient scholar
Hath seen it all
So grey
Envision the ambient scene
Unearthly cold beckons
In tender reproach
The frozen tide recedes

My sleeping daughter
Her asundered limbs decay

Drown in thy bitter woe
The last bitter symphonies
Like fallen snow

A symbol of thine eyes; sullen...
Ravaged dark embrace
Encompassing harrow

Angry skies
Bring lasting rains
Obscuring clouds
My voice

Relegated to the deadend oaks
Thy servants, squabble, meek at last
Her taker steps forth

Through mental subversion
His visible cortex now adorn alas...
The melancholy subsides

4. The Transfiguration (And It Was So)

As the brook gently utters
Thine heart yearns for light deep
Within the season of incipient decline

As dawn erupts, I long to wake
Unforgettable echoes of the lyre sift
No solace found, but within my own;
tranquil streams litter the valleys

I procede through the forests
Everflowing willows speak endlessly with dated words,
words of melancholy.

And so ahead, a precipice of majestic stance
We weep as one creating the fall atop.
As evening falls i remember my aura.
And far across the way the souls of lost embraced as one
They prayed for me
At once night left,
for the sun hath looked down on me

And it was so...
...And it was so...

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