1. Where to Go?

What is happening behind my back?
Maybe it will start behind me and when I suddenly turn,
It may be too late...
Till I can fix subjects, nothing will happen
I am looking at them at the pavement, at the houses
At the gas lamps - to surprise them
And to inhibit them in the middle of their change.

2. Going Home

I can see the reflection of my face
In the window of a midnight train
Shadows fall into a deep dark lake
All my sins washed by drops of rain
I'm on escape from the city
I'm on escape from my land
I want to leave masses of people, I wanna forget
The sorrow I felt
My eyes are in pain from what
I've seen bright light, people's faces, I wanna leave
Up to the north to the homeland of snow
Where history freezes, where nobody knows me!
A Thousand miles away, I'm going home
To the place I dream about, I must see the hills
Shall climb 'em all
All the memories I'm leaving behind
My thirst has brought me as far as here
Cold water from a waterfall, I need to feel
Nothing else but icy wind on my skin
Now I'm at home, now I'm free, now I'm
...where I have to be.

3. Free

I am free, I have no reason to live anymore
All the reason I tried got loose
I can't make up ho more of them, I am fairly young
I have enough power to begin again
But what should I begin again?
I am alone, alone and free
But this freedom reminds me of depth.

4. From Behind

The existence is getting possession of my thoughts from behind
It is lowly destroying them
They are getting possession of me from behind, from behind, from behind they make me to think
I am not dead
To pass out, I want to pass gut, I am running...
From behind, from behind
Further again
I am afraid
I am terribly afraid desire like a mist
I am disgusting to exist, tired and disgusted at existence.

5. The Existence

I exist, I suppose exist
Ah, the long thread, that feeling of existence
I develop it very softly
If I could stop myself from thinking...
I ask trying, I am doing well,
I have an impression that my head is filling with smoke...
And it is already starting...
Not thinking, I don't want to think, I think I don't want to think,
I can't think that I don't want to think, because it is a thought as well
Never going to stop?

6. The Habit

The great vague nature flipped inside of the city inside of houses,
Inside of offices, inside of people
It doesn't move, it's silent
They breath it, t but they don't see, they are convinced hat it's outside,
Twenty miles away from the city
I can see, I can see the nature, I can see it
I know that it is getting under control because of laziness,
I know it doesn't have any rules - it has only habits......
And these can be changed tomorrow.

7. The Thought

My thought that's me, that's why I can't stop
I exist because I think...
I can't keep myself from thinking, even in this moment...
End, it is horrid...
If I exist than it is because I am horrified from existence
It's me, me, me, me, me
I'm pulling myself from nothingness for which stride for
The thoughts are born behind me like a dizziness
I feel how they are born behind my head.

8. Day of Selfreproach

The day made for a man to come back inside himself
Cold brightness radiating from the sun like an inexorable
Judgment on creation. It comes inside of me through my eyes
I am blinded from within through depriving light. A simple
Quitter would be' enough and I would be to the greatest extend
Disgust at myself. Thanks a lot, I don't care about it
When the dark domes, the subjects and I come out from the prehell

9. Something Happened

Something happened to me, I can't doubt it anymore
It came like an illness,
Not like a common certainty,
Not of a manifest character
It settled down inside of me in secret,
Slowly, I felt a bit strange, a bit unsure
That's all
When I found myself in the square,
It didn't move, it stayed without a movement
And I could fool myself,
That there is nothing wrong with me
But now it is spreading

10. Will We...?

I feel we have no power, no chance to win free,
Inside, outside borders,
Limits - I know we are so weak
Will we ever try to change the state of the world?
Will we ever try to change the state.....revolution!
The rules, we must accept,
Elites that, are still in the right
Exclusion, need, and poverty there are no ways out
We must try we have to fight until
We die... revolution... inside ourselves...
Revolution outside in the world revolution

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