Secrets of the Sun

1. Lullaby

Sweet dreams
Don't recall the past
The simple wisdom of ages
The deafening silence of frees
And the blood on your hands
You would feel guilty

Sweet dreams
Don't worry about the present
You are so proud of yourself, indeed
So don't let the doubts to control you
And twinges of conscience to shake you
You would have bad dreams

Sweet dreams
Don't think about the future
The false hopes full of colours
The scary prospects filled with
Fear, death, uncertainty
You would doubt if

2. About Man and Evil

So innocent in the cradle
The creation made for harmony
How long did this state last?
Days? weeks? or maybe months?
The evil came from those
Who wanted to protect you from if
You breathed if with the air,
You drank if with wafer

If changed your days to nightmares
And filled your dreams with anxiety
If became a part of yours
And you believed that if was never different
Yet the answer is so simple ask the mirror
Don't search for the originator of the evil,
You yourself are the originator of if!

General evil can only be the chaos,
Can you see the disorder in the universe?
Can you see the disorder in the nature?
A strangle evil exists within a suffering creature
The nature doesn't give you the feeling
You give if to yourself

You are frying
To find the originator of the evil
You make the god guilty
You make the devil guilty
You make the nature guilty

You are fighting against the evil
With weapons that make if stronger
You are looking for the good
In places where if can't be

Open your eyes! open your mind!

The border between the good and the evil
Goes through the heart of every man
You must fight this fight within yourself

3. Bloody Tears of Contradictions

Bloody tears
Falling down in the sand
My tears
Falling, falling, falling
And drowning flowers in the sand

Are you the tears of happiness
Or the burial flowers?
Are you the tears of sadness
Or the flowers of the life?

Schizophrenic mind
Looking for the difference
Between the life and the death
The good and the evil
If understood nothing
They are the same

4. Song of Sorrow

Filling words of a prophet
They came with the sunrise
On their wood boats driven by a human force
They came from the north
Just the mourning fog
Hid their arrival from the unknown lands
But when the fog dwindled away
The boats appeared on the horizon

The flags with unknown symbols
Dapped in the wind and evoked fear
They came to desecrate and humiliate
Our land, our people, our faith

Big giants dressed in animal furs
Armed by heavy swords and am
Overgrown faces with long hair
Falling down on their bags

They had metal helmets with bull horns
On their heads
Hatred spread from their eyes

Cruel barbarians from the unknown land
Burn our churches and villages
They kill our men
And enslave our women and children
Heathen barbarians destroy everything
That cross their path like a storm
Wild screams of cruel barbarians
Scare those who are still alive
Waiting for their fate

5. Lost in Beauty

In sweet smelling grass
We reclined so that the moon
Could guard our dreams
And with dawn we welcomed the new day

We were the nature and the nature was within us

In those times we esteemed the nature highly
And if was generous for us
We honoured the elements
And they helped us

The pride has not reigned our as yet,
We have not being blinded by egoism yet...

Nothing shall last forever...

It could have been a wanderfull story
With a happy end,
But the human pride and egoism
Have changed if to a tragedy...

It began many centuries ago
When woods were the house for us, people
And our happiness was bounded
To the happiness of other creatures living on the earth

We were the nature and the nature was within us

In dense woods
Under the branches of mighty oaks
We looked for peace and harmony
The frees were our friends

6. Get What You Deserve

It's the year 2032, our pride and egoism
Over stepped the last bounds
We came to the point where there is no return
To the point were our work turned against us
And the nature run out of patience

Only a couple of animal species
Live to these days and the most of the trees
Reach out their dry branches to the sky
What have we down! mother nature!
I ask for forgiveness, i ask for condemnation

Wafer, air, fire, earth
Four elements
Wafer, air, fire, earth
Used to be our friends
Wafer, air, fire, earth
You were good friends
Wafer, air, fire, earth
You are fearful enemies
Wafer, air, fire, earth
Destroyed the mankind
Wafer, air, fire, earth
But what else did we deserve?

It's better to be dead
Because the fear from what is to come is unspeakable
Hundreds of dead bodies,
The smell of blood, the desperate cry,
Nobody is going to survive,
The circle will close for the end
To be a beginning even without us

7. Secrets of the Sun

We are looking for the truth
Isn't the truth the lie?
We are looking for the knowledge
Aren't we loosing if?

We are looking for the essence
Aren't we moving away from if?
We are looking for the answers
We only find the questions

We are frying to reveal
The secrets of the sun
To get trough the blinding screen
Of the shining rays
What do we want to find there?
Do we have to know
Its consistence to honour if?
Do we need to learn
The wave principe to enjoy it's rays?

Why do we want to know
How old the shining sun is?
Why do we want to know
How many stars there are in the sky?

8. Kill Your Love

Running through your mind
Black and white film of your life
Everything what you feel is emptiness
You can see again
The first time you've met her,
The one you can't live your life without

You aimed to fulfill the emptiness inside you
But she took away everything you had

She's got you in her power

In front of you the shadow of her
And you can't waif to meet her again

She's got you in her power

Have to release
From the claws of her power
Have to heat the one
Who took away everything
And turned you to
An empty creature of no spirit

Standing over the abyss of your dreams
You can hear the voice saying:

Kill your love before it kills you

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