Songs of Sorrow

1. Song of Sorrow

Filling words of a prophet
They came with the sunrise
On their wood boats driven by a human force
They came from the north
Just the morning fog
Hid their arrival from the unknown lands
But when the fog dwindled away
The boats appeared on the horison
The flags with unknown symbols
Dapped in the wind and evoked fear
They came to desecrate and humilate
Our land, our people, our faith
Big giants dressed in animal furs
Armed by heavy swords and axes
Overgrown faces with long hair
Falling down on bags
They had metal helmets with bull horns
On their heads
Hatred spread from their eyes
Cruel barbarians from the unknown land
Burn our churches and villages
They kill our men
And enslave our women and children
Heathen barbarians destroy everything
That cross their path like a storm
Wild screams of cruel barbarian
Scare those who are still alive
Waiting for their fate

2. Ecstasy of Death

Laying down on the operation table prepared in advance
Cold and chill shaking all your body
All those around you are waiting for their prey
Like a vultures while you're falling asleep
With last breaths of dazed gas falling into infinity
Suddenly darkness and chill with glare and warmth
At the end are opening for you
You, your soul is finding itself on the misty way
That you're walking on
Clear outlines around you are going to change into
Hazy figures and faces
In some of them you recognize your relatives and
Acquintance forgotten long ago
Calling you with their devil, misty, sarcastic
Dividing nothing good
You've realized yourself walking through the tunnel
Connecting the life and death
Trying to come back to your immobile body
Without signs of living
The moment has come
Finding yourself in the room
What a desperate sight
Around you, your case of soul (inner case)
Amount of people forcing you to live
You know there is no way back
Your soul is walking home

3. The Dark Lord

Through the large rocky pass
A great number of horses
Is coming from the distance
Raging shouts of drivers dark
Meddling with a horses stamp
They're tossing valley
Bringing dread
From high towers of the stones
A strong stamp can be heard
A powerful sound of hellish horns
Announce the coming of dark lord
From the windows of dark town
Thousands of devoted can be seen
They're welcoming their dark lord
Their absolute monarch is coming
From the bloody war
It seems that town is rising from the rocks
A big gate covered with gold
Is opening with a rumble
A dead water in a moat is beginning to boil
The dark drivers are approaching
In the front - the monarch himself
Sitting on a giant horse
From whose nostrils
The flames of bloodyred color blaze
Behind him neverending number
Of dark fighters, all of blood

4. Trembling

Only one thought
Can cause trembling within my mind
Incredible pleasure of life
At least for now
Until the presence of reality efface it
My brain creates notions
That give me taste to live
I find the purpose of existence
At least for now
Until I realize the real truth
I live for my dream
I materialize it in my thoughts
I give concrete shape and color to it
At least for now
Until it turns black
I wait for sign
Sign that'll never come
I believe I'm chosen
At least for now
Until I pass away

5. God of Thunder (KISS cover)

6. In the Dust of Eternity

7. Tears

8. Instrument of Extermination

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