End of the Circle

1. End of the Circle

There's no mind capable of grasping the beauty
Of pure primal chaos, its quantum genius
It contains the essence but not false definitions
Beyond the verge of countless times and dimensions

Being reached once, and never come back
All the mundane paths meet in a tiny point
All that have existed, all that will just exist
All that have never happened and whenever took place

Time rules over the flesh inexorably
With inconceivable strength and power
Step by step, submissively, move towards
Neither heaven, nor hell
Where the eternity comes to its end
Don't search for supreme entity within perdition
Wandering minds were never to see the truth
Beneath the stars looking down, so sharp and cruel
They've desecrated the landscape
With a variety of graves

Pale worms are swarming under the flabby sallow skin
Fed on the flesh of their blissful creator
He is the origin, the universe and the certain end
Let your pus ooze out of your ulcers

Exult, oh paragon of creation!
You saved the cantle of poverty in your pocket
Marching in lockstep through wavside mud
Sobbing violently, laughing aloud to the sky

You gave your color dreams away
For substitute beauty...

Dissolved in the shadow of your deceitful glory,
Entirely leaving nothing behing... Praying furtiely
For coming back overfilled with glare life force,
For children you have begotten
And ruthlessly killed
They won't come out of slumber
Unable to trust, not for a moment,
You stand among them again through took leave...

Circle by circle, again and again,
By the whirl of life and death
Burdensome ailment corrodes
The sacrament of every rebirth

At a run, on the road to nowhere
That seems to be beaten track,
You discern the light prints
Which only could be left by you
Lie to yourself while wither,
Even the endless finally ends.
Even the darkness became blind
Circles of being going to be broken
Bright image of us died

2. The Withering Part I - Of Hollow Us

Under the burden of centuries, there is no answer we were searching for
After our ruin there will not remain anyone who will mourn
We are trying to see our own reflection in the starlit skies
And we pull our hands up to the stars, staring to their glimmering eyes

And in vain we are trying to explain our unbearable woe
Which poisoned our mortal souls, which will let us die alone
Forever empty are our hearts, and so worthless was our birth,
An empty life, an empty thought, empty sky above the earth

Our being... so useless, so instant, floating through the time,
So aimless we are hitting the desolated shores of our own life
We are nothing but a moment, a wrested relic left behind
Just a dust upon the vastness, thrown away to born and die

Our being has no meaning and our death has no sense
Beneath the blinks of endless stars... we have no place for presence
Our rules and our morals are so senseless and so vain
Our pain and our sorrow, forever unheard shall be remain

Nobody cares about our despair and nobody will ever regret
When our light will be faded down and we all will be forever dead

3. The Withering Part II - Of Long-Dead Stars


ვარსკვლავბო, მესმის
ზარი მარადის,
იქნებ მომკლავდეთ
უზღვრო ნათელში

თქვენსკენ მოვდივარ.
როგორც ზვარაკი,
შავბნელ ღამეში

და ამ ციალში უეცრად ვხვდები,
რამხელა ტანჯვით ნელ-ნელა კვდებით.
მიყურებთ, როგორც წყვდიადის თვალნი,
შორს წარსულიდან. მოუსათვალნი

ბნელ, უსასრულოდ. შავი სივრციდან
დაბრმავებული ღვთიერი ხიბლით
ჩემი წარსულის ბილიკით ვივლი

თქვენიდან ვიშვი და ვახილე თვალი
ჩემი დაიწყო სიცოცხლე მწარი
და ისევ გხედავთ თუმცა აღარც ხართ
საუკუნის წინ იქეცით ნაცრად
ყველანი გვშობა მიწამ და სითბომ
დაბადებამდე სიკვდილმა გვიხმო
დაშანთულები ბოროტი წყევლით
ამ სამოთხიდან ჩვენ განვიდევნეთ
როცა მოვკვდებით. ვიქცევით სილად
წერია მკვდარი ვარსკვლავის სხივად

ჩვენ გვეჩვენება. ცხოვრება თითქოს
მცდარი და ცრუ შეიძლება იყოს
არავითარი მიზრო ჯაჭვი
ყველა ცოცხალი ვიქცევით მკვდრად
და მიწაც მალე იქცევა მტვრად

დაგვმარხეთ... გულხე დაგვადეთ მხოლოდ
ამ ვარსკვლავების მდუმარე წონა
საფლავის ქვაზე ნურაფერს დაწერთ
მვინდა სიჩუმის კალთაში ჩავწვეთ

მარტომ ვიცხოვრეთ,
ახლა კი გვძინავს,
ჩვენ სამარეზე ანთია ცივი
დიდი ხნის წინათ ჩამქრალი სხივი


O, mighty stars
I hear your cries
Please let me die
Within thy endless light

I observe your
Desperate shine
Through the shroud
Of endless nights

And through those blinks of light I see
How desperately slow you are dying out
Just like the billions of scorching eyes upon me
Staring through the past in which you are drown

Through this starlit infinity
You will illuminate my path
Enchanted by your divinity
I wander under shine of past

Born out of your flames I opened my eyes
Beneath your gaze I have started my life
And long time after you emit last light
I still behold the forms of your cosmic afterlife

And we all have been dead before our birth
Our destiny and lifeforms, our Sun and our Earth
From expanding point till the point of the end
We all have been condemned
To exist in fear of inevitable end
Everything was written in the stars... long dead

How absurd and senseless is our existence
Just a certain chain of random coincidences
But everything will die, our presence shall turn into dead
Our gravestones disappear beneath the light of stars

Bury us into cold and empty darkness
Only the stars will whisper us their painful silence
Let us sleep forever, while our shadow pass away
Beneath the shining beauty of obscured dismay

We all lived alone
But now shall be gone
And the blink of light thrown on
Upon our lost tombstone

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