Two Paths

1. Ajattomasta Unesta

Katsokaa tuulen kulkua
Kuulkaa ajan kuoksua
Alla ikitähtitaivahan
Kasvava on voima valtava
Pohjanpalon loimussa
Nousee miekka voittajan

Behold how travels the wind
Hear how runs the time
Beneath the eternal star dotted sky
Will grow a vast power
In the glow of northern lights
Rises the sword of the victor

2. For Those About To Fight For Metal

Outnumbered but never alone, we stand
Brave warriors, axes in our hands
The symbol of enlightenment
The secret of steel
Carved in the hearts of the free

Forged in eternal fire
Harden in the frozen rain
There is something stronger than mortal flesh
That unites us as one

For those about to fight for metal;
Gods of war salute you all
For those who'll never lower their blade;
We're blood brothers 'til the end

The sound of archaic battle horns
Releases the beast within us all
Join us to fight for the metal dawn
Or one by one, you will fall

Let me hear your battle cry!
Raise your swords up high!

3. Way Of The Warrior

Staring into dying flames
Moon as my only guard
It's too late to hesitate
Only the weak suffer in this life

It's the way of the warrior
This path before me
Destined to be the king
Of battlefields

It's the eve of the bloodshed:
Women and mead!
From the skulls of my foes
Tomorrow, I'll drink

I shall honour my blade
With deeds, not with hollow words
Men will kneel when they hear my name
Before I laugh and rip out their wretched hearts

[Kalevala 26:]
Siell on miehet miekka vyöllä
Urohot sota-aseissa
Humalassa hullut miehet
Pahat paaljo juotuansa

There are warriors with broadswords
Heroes clad in mail of copper
Are on beer intoxicated
By the beer are much embittered

4. Two Paths

Callow dreams
Dawn of spring
No seeds of doubt yet sown in the ground
Man-made shades mould reality
Looming deceptions
Hope blurs it all

The path so bright
The path so dark
All crossroads
Illusions of our lives

No, feel no pity for a dying man
We're all just here to die, to live one precious life
None for all and all for none
It's the only law
Feed you inner wolves
With prudence

When the night closes in
It grants us the final wish
The blade may be rusty and dull
But the spirit will never bend
Unforgiving, benevolent, brave, noble and foolish
All will dim with the last exhale
Then all will be complete

Every deed has a price to pay
May sagacity and chaos bless your way

5. King Of Storms

Who dares to stare death in the eye?
And face the maelstrom of doom like a hero?
When light splits the sky
And like a thousand giants, thunder roars

King of storms
Descends from the skies
Before my eyes
Destroyer of worlds
King of storms

I will rule with fear and pain
Your world will burn in dragon flame

You will
Your kin
Will yield when I say

Your dreams
Your fears
Your dying screams
Belong to me

Descry the beast of the nightmare realm
Destruction of all, humanity abhorred
Ravaged land where the afflicted dwell
The frozen void entombs idle prayers and exhorts

6. Feast With Valkyries

Through mist we ride
Howling wolves in moonlight
Blood has been shed tonight
It's judgement time

Gallantly you fought
Made your people proud
Rise brave warriors
The journey has just begun

High to the skies
Across the seas,
Woods of the north
And mountain peaks

The song will sound
Through history
Tonight we'll feast with Valkyries

Sons of frost and steel, reinvigorate
Stay humble not brash
Because I'm the one who chooses the slain

North wind in my hair
Only me, my steed and my spear
Charge to another battlefield
Eternal chant in the air

7. Don't You Say

From town to town I roam and dwell
Sing my songs and stories I tell
Gone is the gold and ladies' smile
I'm living on borrowed time

This is me, no guilt, no shame
I ain't no saint, I ain't no king
I'm a man of my word
With a stone backbone
Open your arms
I'm coming home

Don't you say it's the same old story
Don't you say I came too late
Don't you say it was all for nothing
For now I am here to stay
This promise will never fade away

I have a will, hard as a rock
But it crumbled down with the very last drop
Don't ask so I don't have to lie
I'm a rover 'til the day I die

8. I Will Never Kneel

Winds are calling me
The cold breeze of death
From the dividing stream
The clarity of what lies ahead

Your fortune will never change
Is what blind weaklings say
But I will not rest before the day
Every peasant is crowned as his own king

I will never kneel
Before your false beliefs
By my heathen blood
I will not give up

Minä rinnassa kannan sydänyön mustaa kipinää
Minä anteeksi annan ja unohdan, en ikinä
Tätä kaunaa, vainoa, kuollutta painoa, en ik inä
Minö anteeksi anna ja unohda
En ik inä

In my chest shines a glimmer as dark as the heart of the night
I will never forgive nor forget
The grudge, haunting, dead weight,
I will never forgive and forget… never

My love, where have you gone?
So cold, what have they done?
I can't see you, the world drowns in tears
I will forgive you, become the righteous hate and never forget
All is lost now, what once was a dream
Will never be seen
Spill their blood, revenge for both of us
And for all that will never be…

9. God Is Dead

Bring out your dead
I shout again
Will this ever end?
Rotting corpses everywhere
But I knew how to transcend

Round and round, the bottle goes
Drown, drown all hope and sorrow

Mad men on the streets
Keep herding their sheep
High or low, we're all gonna go
Down at least for six feet

Like thunder in a pint
Divine truth I will find
Lifelong misery
It is not out destiny

Joy to the world, god is dead
So let's drink until the bitter end

They whip you with their made-up sins
They beat you until you finally give in
But know that there is another path
Filled with joy and not the grandeur of misery
Wake up and see
Drink with me
In our wanton harmony

10. Hail To The Victor

Scareless man
Mangled soul of a solitary
Some fights
That are fought in the mind are not imaginary

Blazing eyes
Although the road has been long
All chains
Ignorance and hate…no more

Time is the dividend on ephemeral paths
Longing of the fulfillment is carved in wolven hearts
All those, in the end, will merge in to one

These times
These lives
In the hands of beasts of lies
Man made gods
Turning tides
Unknown future, no hope in sight

Foul beings
The ultimate sin
Like fools, they charge to kill their kin

The legend tells
In the hearts of men
Is the way, the power, to rise above this hell

Hail to the victor!
Once a castaway
But never astray
In the mirror we'll see the face
Of the only god whom should be praised

11. Unettomaan Aikaan

Vain aamu-usva peittona
Laulu säilyy muistona
On joka polun hintana
Kaiho, epäily ja kuolema

Only morning mist as a veil
The song will remain as a memory
The price of every path is longing, doubt and death

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