1. Storm Son

Light the torches
Enlighten my steps
Search for the hidden key
Open the gates
Guide me through the fog
Let me dwell among
My death and creation
Through fire and ice!

A shadowed face, draped in obscenity
A crooked finger, pointing towards misery
An entity, feeding on morality

No chains to hold me back
No peaks to high to climb
No arrows can pierce a flaming heart
I will break out
'Cause I am the...

Storm Son
Lightning Sister
Daughter of fire
Thunderous Brother

Into the death I stared
Into the nine worlds I travelled
Into my dark reflections I collided
I broke out
'Cause I am the...

Storm Son
Lightning Sister
Daughter of fire
Thunderous Brother

2. The River's Mouth

Force open the river's mouth
Do not wait for the pour
Go push open
The fleshy eyelids
Before dawn calls upon us
Sound the golden horns
Before they scout the gates
Go home and build the temples
As cognition ignites
Speed of thought
Motion with purpose
Eyes ahead
Chasing time

Live in dreams more real
Than any days of yore
Flow, in more ways than one
Dance to the discord that be
Laugh out loud
At the truths left behind
Welcome to the place
That is not
As the flame ignites

Speed of thought
Motion with purpose
Eyes ahead

3. Sacred Horse

Through air

Along the path I laid
Saw it race by
Memories in tow
Into the belly of the earth

Light of dawn, all alone
Char-like shadows, slither away – through water
Wounded, burned and without site
Not waiting for another night

Now headed for the wild
Called from afar and within – through soil
Leaving lost wars behind
Wildfires of need, calm waters of the mind – through thought

Battle cries now resounded
On a field at the world's end
A clash of gods and giants
In the centre of the mind

Through emotion
Through reality

Saw a mound
Had to bury
Sung for another me
Had to do (it), so that I could be
One for sight
Two for flesh
Three were the norns
Four corners of the worlds
Five the number of a man
Six one two and three
Seven streams of blood
Eight-legged child of Loke

4. Axis Of The Worlds

Fortresses built by idle hands
Weapons forged in the shadows
Solemn words praise the devoted and brave
Stepping on the threshold of the insane
The walls must be breached

The branches of the old tree creak
The songbird sings it's elegy
The lifetime leaves are turning pale
The serpent gnawing and spitting

Praising the high king on his golden throne
For shelter, harvest and peace
Seeking council in the halls of the tyrant
Dwelling on the doorsteps of doom
The walls must be breached

The branches of the old tree creak
The soldier swinging swords
The glare in the hearts is fading
The serpent feasts with joy

Chase the serpent
Step on his tail
Grant it eyes to behold
Grant it wings to expand
Grant it thoughts to convey
Grant it claws to destroy

Envision the sacrifice
Glance into the worlds
Let the blood heal
Let it grow, let it rot

As certain as birth and death
Grief will follow laughter and joy
The vermin will return to the lair
But the branches will never break
The walls will breach

5. Feathers Of Eolh


A clear voice shouted
From the bridge between the worlds
Hidden among misty peaks
A mother tongue forgotten
In a realm of dead and night
In a realm of light and day
In a place I roamed
In a void I despised
In a maze I strayed
In an ocean I drowned

The claws were scratching
On the journey to the stars
Yet not unveiling
But words were spoken

Two bright eyes stared
From behind the sun
Yet it stared through thin air
A long lost brotherhood

The shield was broken
In my dreams I awake
The reflection danced
In my centre I died
In a state of non-reality
In my astral hours
In my daylight sleep
The feathers lifted me


6. Hiindsiight

I saw a man-shape
Within the bone-dome
Went to ask who ’twas
From the ether-mouth
Was told 'twas myself
In shape of Mannaz
And that it was not quiet
But came through in waves
These waves can only be seen
By the eye-third
From the below
When the above broke

Go stand by the edge
The mouth spoke out
And separate the words
From the noise-stream

So many words I saw
From earth and the other-world
Of the sun, of the Sea
Of the Blood and Seed

Hindsight into the present
The twos of time in harmony
The bear dreaming while
Hunting prey-flesh while dreaming

The sacred knot is tied
The mind-knot will hold
The shadow bound for ever more
Beast and beast, fish and fish

I waded out into the stream
From both sides
The water was space
We were time
We are time
We became again
We are once more
We will be again

7. Djupet

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