Track List:
1. Convoys To Nothingness
2. The Voices
3. Vision: Sphere of the Elements - A Monument Part II
4. Hollow Inside
5. The Cromlech Gate
6. Enemy I
7. Smirr
8. The Sleep: Floating Diversity - A Monument Part III
9. Outro: Self - Zero
HOV Featuring Trygve Mathiesen presents: "Sigmundskvadet"

Grutle Kjellson - vocals, bass
Ivar Bj█rnson - guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
R. Kronheim - lead guitar, vocals
Dirge Rep - drums and percussion

1. Convoys To Nothingness
Faces - eyes - noise

Flowing patterns of no-coherency
None needed
>From behind the chapel of dreams
Came imagery
>From another world
They left for a brighter star
A new home called "now"

Womb - death - dawn

Fellow seafarers on an ocean of
Remaining humanoid shells a
Distant thought
The chasm between truth and
Flesh paved
With bricks from secret cities

Entering linear orbit
Crushing the foundations of
Divided times
Suns reflected

Convoys to nothingness...

2. The Voices
I hear their poisonous words
As the call out for submission
And code
"To be less than one and drown
equals pride". They say
These were the voices that
Destroyed us

Did I want for this loss to be

Through the clipping of wings
Found the secret paths
>From the blinding light of lies
Obtained second sight
Stabbed in the back gained
Strength in One-ness
Taken from me, I learned to

These were the voices that sink
our ships
These are the voices-poisoned
Cars bleeding

Did I pray for the dead to be
kept awake?
Did I gently place these horns
Through the surface
Of my eyes?
Did I ask for this fathomless
Tragedy to go on forever?

Fail to comply - reborn in war
The answer being no
Did I?

3. Vision: Sphere Of The Elements - A Monument Part II
Betrayed by disillusion
Enslaved by insanity
Enslaved by commitment to
Betrayed by all elements

My vision is clear and strong
I comfort myself to fulfill it
There exist no edge
Clearly existence is wrong

I kill myself to fulfill my vision
Consumed by astral interference
I deny this monument to be ml

I choke my ego to find that I'm
I deny this monument t o be my

4. Hollow Inside
Hollow inside - I didn't sleep too
Well last night
Step over, turn the light
Hollow inside - I didn't dream too
Much last night
Step over, turn the light

Knock on the door- these are the
interfering themes
Open it up, too soon

Shorter in time- the interactive
Parts go by
I fear for a while - my head

I fear for a while - my head
Will expand
And strength out into the stratos
Can't you see, those birds in
limbo breaks
and of course you hear, listen
the strams
>From above you and
Widerneath in the glow
I can touch them

Dogs with bones they are
One too many to get on

5. The Cromlech Gate
The fool:
"Fear not dear Kinsmen 'cause
Saviour I am. I'll bring you back our
And wisdom achieve I'm searching
Old path to bring back the elder

Smug as only the fool can be
Blindly he marches towards his
Summoned to the Cromlech by
Hunger within

Voice fro parallel existence
"Come inside my friend tour
father is waiting
Your search ends here Wisdom
You have
Gained the signs you have read"
Doomed to walk the smiths dungeons
Underworld slavery
Through eyes of the fool
Nothing can
Be seen. The elder is hiding
Beyond thoughts
Only teasing with gimps of long
lost knowledge

I once saw Cromlech and
Was kindly invited
But I slayed the beast I kissed
The ground
(I drank the mine)
(I look up the runes)
I found the home of the elder

6. Enemy I
It was here I was born
While the stars held their breaths
After ages of pseudo-presence

I climbed the final steps
Up from deep beneath fire
Lieth no longer sleeping gal

Thus alive and the Stillness
Only to be broken by whispers
Towards the moon

Blooded from the Unborn Ones
That will not be silenced or rest
Forever more and awaken not

To paint in blanks or wither
Beauty blinding no more
Than the whole is less now

We see clearly what was not
The prey became predator
Slaughtering not raging blindly

Through tunnels of sorrow and
For solitude and peace of mind
Says it is tune to unmask and

7. Smirr
He sees his world through the
Crystal state of departure
The hooves echo the approach
Of the third coming
On its back it goddess with
Shining black arrow

The steel that will separate the
Will from doing
Closing in as he falls to his
Knees surrounded by
Plasma of dying chapters
Life succumbs to silence desire
Alone the dying
Of inner banes
His hands no longer grasping
Contraction as he laughs

Winds play their mourners dirge
Through heaps of corpses
The hooves thundering the
Arrival of the final coming
Carving forth the seeds of
Eternal night
So that the Shadow may sleep,
Eternity weeps

While we laugh and remain forever

She feels the cold floor giving no
Comfort as she fades
The hooves echo the approach
Of the third coming
On its back the faceless her
Older Ones saw
The agents of microcosmic
Change shattering the Megalith
Stories told, divinity unfold
She passes on, yet remains in
Cold remains scattered in dead
Void dreams

8. The Sleep: Floating Diversity - A Monument Part III
The battle's now past
The war of all was within itself

Painfully sleeping
All hail the fallen
The time is now for the king to

The battle's now past

All hail the fallen
Floating diversity equals no
Thickening intensity now fatal
Beyond portrayed dream

9. Outro :Self - Zero

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