Ereb Altor
By Honour

1. Perennial

2. Awakening

Still is the wind

The leaves wither

Falling from the trees

Reaching the soil

No birds are singing

The awakening is over

3. By Honour

I look to the sky

Awaiting the signs

The elders forseen

For battle convene

Live by honour, die by honour our call

May I perish carry me to valhall

4. Winter Wonderland

Endless plains of snow ice and cold

Eternal land no sun at all to warm

All alone lost left to die

Don't know where to go in this frozen hell

Winter wonderland lost in this hell of ice

Icy plains everywhere gone in this frozen hell

Darkness in my eyes

my think about a world of light

Knowing my death will come freezing to death

5. Dark Nymph

I heard the voice from the woods

A song of tunes from another world

A melody so seductive

Bewitched I became

Walking in some state of dreams

Towards this vioce enchanted

Deep into the dark forest of doom

The music is greeting me

The shape of beauty standing

In the line of my eyesight

Then she vanish shadows

Raising pulse makes me run

Over sticks and stones I run

In this maze of sighing trees

Just like they have witnessed

This so many times before

The dark nymph of the forest

Deceiving and fair all at once

Laughing and teasing through the night

Luring me from my sanity

Now I am lost in this magic dream

The night consumes my mind

All I think of is finding my love

As I fall down to the ground

6. Wizard

The Night is here

Silent steps towards my own fate

Hesitation is for the weak of souls

Trembling I grasp my sword

Pulsating blood in my veins

This is the day of days

Can I really succeed

where so many men have failed

But my hate has now ceased

all that my life would have been

7. Ereb Altor

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