Ereb Altor
The End

1. The Entering (Myrding Prologue)

Everything lies in silence
Taking the final steps
Entering life
A life of mysteries never to be seen
Struggling for survival
Then the silence is back
Leaving the flesh
Why is my world created this way
Empty existence
I wish the void no more

2. Myrding

My weak cry sounding deep down from below
A sound of another world, so fragile
I’m telling a story of a destiny
So devastating, my soul can not rest
Murdered by the womb in cold blood
Shame forcing the mind and the will
A crime above all crimes
Never baptized, nor nursed

My vengeance will strike hard
All sinners must pay the price
Blood of their own blood
Mother descending down to hell

Please give me a name
Please give me my peace
Bury my body
Deep down in the dark soil to rest

Unwanted, left alone
Starving, rotting, screaming
Until the silence comes
Leaving the flesh
Where´s the drink of life
Help me to find the well
Blood from the core
Lifeblood turns to death

Please give me a name
Please give me my peace
Bury my body
Deep down in the dark soil to rest

Say my name
Please save my soul
Bury me
In the dark soil to rest

3. Our Failure

4. A New but Past Day

5. Balder's Fall (The End Part I)

The god of truth and light with the power to heal
Loved by all he was
Protected by the oath of no harm nor death

Dreams of fright haunting at night
He saw his own demise
The one eyed god, he has forseen x2

The loss of truth, the loss of light
The end of all is coming soon
The one eyed god, now he knew x2

Mother of concern casting a spell of protection
Immortal now he is
Fire, water and stone on his side

The old woman in disguise scheming and plotting for his demise
A blind arrow piercing his heart
The world will fall with the truth and the light

The death of Balder, his ride down to Hel
Promises from everything of all nine worlds was not enough
Goddess of the underworld, Hel, please release him

Hel said “All must cry in despair, I need all those tears”

The loss of truth, the loss of life
The long winter is coming soon x3

6. Vargavinter (The End Part II)

After Balder has fallen and the attempt to bring him back from Hel has failed
The long winter of Fimbul was going to strike hard just like Odin has forseen

A wind blows through the trees
The moon shines through the clouds
The black Nordic sky brings sorrow
It’s so cold and darker than before

The gods of the Nordic sky fear this winter is the one
The snow is raging down
Covering all signs of life

The birds are gone
Only shadows remains
Silence sweeps out over this frozen land
A tragic curse lies here
The cold black winter over forsaken fields
Nothing can disperse it

The sun can not be seen no more
In ages it’s gone behind dark clouds
A tragic cure lies her, the cold black winter
Over forsaken fields, lasting until the end

7. The Final War (The End Part III)

The extreme long cold of Fimbul has weakened the chains of Fenris
All the signs are telling that the time of Ragnarök is near

The time of the Axe is here
The time of the Final War is here

Fimbul winter is coming upon us
Followed by winter and winter again
Brothers fighting against their own
So is the prophecy told by Odin up high

The time of the Axe is here
The time of the Final War is here

The Ground will burst and unleash the wolf
With his jaws open wide devouring all
The snake from the see is crawling up on land
See the blade of fire from Muspelheim

The time of the Axe is here
The time of the Final War is here

The sound of Heimdals horn, over the lands
The time has come, the time of the wolf
Gods awaken by, the sound of the horn
Beasts against gods, blood and steel
Brother will turn on brother, backstabbing their own
Apples of Idun falls, with them all will fall
The dagger of shadows, deceiver’s blade
Silence is spread, all is lost

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