Even Song
Of Man's First Disobedience (Expulsion from the Divine Adobe)

1. Cosmic Empire

A frozen Galaxy drifted
in Nature's amniotic seas
a universe of starry majesty
in the vast ocean of Space

Black planets rolled
without lustre and aim
in the yawning dark Void

It was the dawn of times
the dawn of Genesis
the age of mystery

Motionless stars
without name & knowledge
a cosmic empire
in the stifling black fluid

The world waited its own birth
in an icy, uninvaded sleep
And the Great Omnipotent slumbered
on the verge of the deep

A cosmic empire
a slumbering galaxy
A cosmic empire
in the cradle of eternity

2. Mother Of All Beings

(The self-begotten deity)

The steadfast Earth shuddered
roaring fires ran over heavens
in tears & howling embodied
a female form: Mother of all beings

Like a faint shadow she rose from the ground
trembling & pale like a new-born child
beneath her feet a vast, unprolific ground
above her head the indefinite space

For ages she wandered in the forsaken wilderness
searching for life-forms
She found nothing but a dire emptiness
a soul-shuddering Vacuum

Whirlwinds of sulphurous smoke
torrents of lava, vapour & clouds
terrible thunders tore the mantle of Earth
unquenchable fires consumed the ground

Her lamenting voice wept upon the void
but there were no one to hear her
She was alone in a world of inertia
divided by tears & sorrows

From the vast deluge of her tears
an unfathomable ocean rose
An ocean teemed with strange organism
and creatures bred in sorrow

Various forms of being crawled out from the sea
and mustard around the great Mother
And she rejoiced beholding her daughters & sons
and gave them the Earth & the Skies to conquer

3. Aeons Of Blissful Ignorance

Once under starry heavens
a garden was planted
a wondrous work in the waste wilderness
where lions walked in humility

Once the Sons Of Eternal Joy reigned upon the Earth
and angelic myriad ruled the skies

In his celestial abode the Old One slumbered
the one who formed the world into existence

It was a golden age
era of beauty & joy
Death was not, nor iniquity
the fountain of eternal life sprung

The Infernal Serpent laid on the verge of non-entity
a doleful shade before the immense gates of Infinity

Once man walked the heavenly path
in sweet ignorance
enchanted by the unearthly beauty of Eden
in ecstatic joy

Once the Daughters Of Light danced
in that realm of mild moony lustre

4. From The Flames Of Eternal Fury

In whirlwinds of tempestuous fires
a phantasm rose upon heavens
....a fearful Eidolon

Lucifer was his name in Eternity
the Father of Pestilence
Monarch of the Sulphurous Empire
Arch Enemy of Heavens

Wanton enormity
from the flames of eternal fury
delighting in blood
armed with destruction & plagues

The Black Angel stood at the centre of all infinity
with ambitious aim against the Monarchy of God

Loathsome in a serpent-like form
he descended into the blissful garden
a guileful reptile, a King of Tyre
Master of Temptation

5. The First Disobedience

A bittersweet taste of that Forbidden Fruit
Entice of Evil -a Serpent in every bosom

We lay naked in the wind, in shame & fear
exiled into a solitary night, rent from Eternity
o Times Remote, Blissful Ignorance

Would a Forgiving Father
take such a vengeance
upon his beloved children

Did Jesus weep for us?
No I don't think so
we're the sin-bred offsprings of Judas
The One who sits high on the sky
on an empyreal throne
is not our Father

Was it just a dream?
The God upon his mercy seat
Was it just an illusion?
Our Divine Abode

A Hell for each Vice
for every Disobedience
Alone in the Great Wilderness
in a night of vast durance

6. The Conquering Worm

Terrible spires & monoliths
under unvanquished skies
A vast ivory-black tower
in Night's hellish-black mire

A brooding dark power
a spreading black world
Some said: It's Babylon
the abominable realm of Man

Standing tall like a steadfast giant
eclipsing the stars, usurping heavens
a phantom world in the sickening light
a vast monument of perverseness

Now We worship Satan, the Bringer Of Light
Oh you, Selfish Father, you left us on that horrid night
We forgot Eden, the Garden of Joy
our eternal life like a dream dissolved

O, God of Almighty Heavens
who will save us from perdition?
Shall our immortal vigour return
or shall we drown with the Stygian flood?

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