Elegies of the Stellar Wind

1. The Second Baptism... Shores in Fire and Ice

Pale void opens, winds relentless command
Restless in vigilant wait
Encircled by shattered abysmal frames
In permanent attempt to emerge
Before and above I prepare
For the mystic rite, exoneration
I head north, follow the coastal lights
As it once was, in purity time
To restore the covenant once commenced
And immerse into cold silvery mist
In these darkest depths lies the cryptic knowledge
A mighty onefold entity
Yet woven by countless
In perpetual lability
A face of thousand faces
My spirit as a stormy sea
Assault on what tends to limit
I behold the dormant giant
Still wide-awake
And await in fear
His inevitable manifestation of vehemence
Storm winds born of nowhere
Black clouds gather to fall upon the wretched isle
Giant thus mocks the vermin
And clears the contaminated shores
Baptized once in crystalline waters
At the summon of the stellar sky
I returned to seek within the pale void
Transcending beauty...

2. Winter Descent's Eve... I Become the Journey

Winter's eve, inexorable, impending
The sinister grief empowers with her approach
Shreds of forgotten kingdom gleam scattered
Crowning the northern icy peaks
Adorning the thickets of eastern woods
Immersed to mists of severe western plains
Seen from afar in southern macabre sunsets
I fulfill the summon and march away
To gather the mere fragments
And weave anew what we once lost
Each of streams is destine to definite sea
And so is our fate beyond will
Yet each may attempt to carve own channel
Beside the shores are built of clay or stone
I have ever crafted forms outlying
To avert the admittance
Of outwards impurity
That would disrupt my journey
Into dismal void
Thirst for revival, wisdom of the woods
I sense the omen in the eyes of a wolf
I grant my very entity
To be absorbed by the four elements
And fill the four seasons
With dark passion and morbid woe
So I dwell from the subsoil
To the void that diffuses among
Starlit skies, this night opened
Cast the silver marks
On the snow I follow
My essence like air, I become a journey...

3. Lunar Rites... Beholding the Towers of Barad-Dur

Darkening, somber destiny
Races straight and proud, in gallant wait
The grime swells to strangle the fairness
Risen from the monument of atrocity
Transcend the allegory prevailing and trite
Rip the veil, insight the core, to see its affectation
Maybe the veil itself is woven of truth
Fester, the semblance of beaming realm
Glossy shards cracked, the taint unfolds
The moon reveals the genuine beauty
Hidden within inhuman crude walls

"We are all mere autumn leaves
One to drown and moulder into moors
One to wither among the trees
One to fall into the river
And he carried to the distant seas
A destiny chosen for them, not by them
In the lunar lights I gain the force to transcend
Cut the thread of fate, in moonlight I stand
Before the tower of ivory and gold
Wrapped by its splendid warm light
Though I see the rifts with boiling filth beneath
Uphill the tower of severe stones
Blackened wood, ominous gleam
In the lunar light I transcend, the veil and core...
I step the archway uphill to enter the darkside
Not as a grain in the desert
But the apple of dark eye itself..."

I saw fear in the old woman's eyes
In the shrine at the edge of the forest
When beams of sunset coated the cross
Red, as aflame
We both sense the omen of approaching dusk...

4. From the Northern Wallachian Forest... Tyranny Returns

Harness the black steed... Aye, my liege
May the night and fog be my veil
As I carry the word to the forest citadel
That the lord on exile may arise

(legend part 1)
The fullmon stained crimson over the realm
Traces of terror, impaled greet from villages, hills
Shade of the grey castle, like shroud of fear, the folk benumbed
Tales hover of morbid godless rites, heretic acts
The tyrant holds the kingdom
With iron embrace
Still holds sword and shield
Against outlandish thread

(legend part 2)
The folk's grief becomes wrath, confederacy grows
Unawared the grim lord made the realm an unbroken stronghold
The greedy lords from the south dare not cross the bounds
They crave to behold the tyrant fall
And stir up the flame of insurgence
For the blind crowd own destruction
A requiem for northern Wallachia

The threads of betrayal extend
Messengers tramp in the woods
Town alleys, the evening whispers
The lord on exile awaits

(legend part 3)
At last the signals resounded
Messages delivered, blaze aroused
Many fell to banish the fierce lord
And pyres of retribution gleam
Among choirs of rejoice
And content gaze from the south
Among thunder of forges and kettle drums
Heralding the war...

Forgotten are the wounds set by foreign swords
When own stakes and gallows grow
The price of throwing chains may be the shield's decay
One day the tyrant summoned will return in glory...

5. Archaic Magic... A Cenotaph Below the Cursed Moon

The hills affected by November's grim spell
Clothed the feeble robe with fiery enclaves
Interwoven by the deep of barren crowns
Atop rise the ashen marbly stronghold walls
The pathway hidden under the ardent coat
Persistently uphill till reach the cold mount
Across this uncanny realm scattered
The shrines of pallid supremacy
Drowning among the frayed fields they persist
The watchers old, ageless...Immortal
Inscriptions carved aforetime
Subsequently became obscure
The kingdom once a proud entirety
And once divided trebly
As a figured funeral shroud
To grace three distinct tombs
The ornaments & emblems ever the same
On each remembrance stone
Be it knight, mage, priest
A noble, an occult, a villain
All them aligned by upright eternity
Yet cut by bounds and laid on foreign soil
The rivers everflowing
And the mountains keen crests
Ordered to separate domains
To lift castles and watchtowers
Now countless ruined silent memorials
At the land below the cursed moon...

6. Inclinata Resurgit... Rebirth of My Noble Dark Kingdom

Like the river in unbending flow to reach the sea
I wind my waters dark in range between rejoice and suffering
The fountain of my fathers, endless pride and dignity
The leading quest, to behold their kingdom rising
I let the trees in the stony chalice drench their limbs
Bring the forest to renascence in the cycle of being
I let the winter frost turn my heart to crystal gem
I make the starlight shimmer as winds sharpen my face
I evoke the visions of ruined domains
Glorious defeats, bitter failures, battles lost
And realize I obtain the knowledge
The ancestors fell so that I may know
How to avoid fall
I gather the shreds of the lost kingdom
Fragments scattered under ancient Europe skies
In the deep woods I enchant them
Into precious monument
A heart of the new dawn
I shall reign from here

"We are all mere autumn leaves
Descending towards the river
Or the river itself..."

Predominating their doom
Unawared of their faint will
While the master entities enfold us
With frames we cannot seize
They appoint the extent
We can forge our fate within
I quest for might to perceive
And then shatter the unfathomed frames
Like the river in unbending flow to reach the sea
I wind my waters dark in range between rejoice and suffering
The fountain of my fathers, endless stream of glorious deeds
And the night came of my kingdom dark and noble rising...

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