Split with Marblebog

1. Dawn of Winter

2. Isenheimen

In search for a mental homeland
Far beyond their comprehension
As the first snow falls
I will leave again to dwell in the dark
The vision appears on the glacial surface
In the grim kingdom are built
The palaces of ice among the stone giants
A call beyond thy free will
All the land shall be the winter field
With the faces white and souls black
Then I'll defend my stronghold of aryan heart
Deep in the woods I'm in equilibrium
At last in the sphere where the filth won't reach me
Year by year I build there my tower
Of mystic visions and thundering hatred
I cast the wrath unto horizon
Embraces by mist, covered with snow
A vastland descendant, desolate wanderer
And as the land becomes the winter field
Due to one word of the might
The feeble cries, a last sigh is made
Through they die as it beckons
I entrench myself within the walls
To fare, then to reign
And share the sceptre with the forest
The one who outlast the seizure
That came from the pit boiling dirt
A single banner reaises high above
Of annually recurred attempt
The frost recedes the questions
To manage to glance
Upon the wintry landscape below
There kies my kingdom...

3. My Journey into Cold Infinity

,,...onse again I climb...
the phenomenal dimension left beneath...
the mountains that bear the wisdom...
and the forests, and the lake, and the stars that joined...
singing their song while I begin my last journey...
a glance into the essence..
the time attempts to close its circle...
still no distance between the beginning and the end...
in the cold where no life nor death exists, all is finally done...
and infinity..."

4. Hív a mélység... / Abyss Calls...

5. Keresés / Quest

Egy nap a világba révültem.
S a zürzavarban valamit észrevettem.
Folyton áramlik a mindenség, de mögötte ott a csend.
Eggyéváltam a felhőkkel, földekkel, egekkel, vizekkel.
Mit keresünk?

6. Ébredj! / Awake!

Lerombolom a falakat, miket az idők emeltek.
S az idők örökre eltűnnek.
Csak az örök jelen marad.
Ahol eggyéválik élet és halál.
Mindenütt ott vagyok.
A sötétből morgok rád.
A tényből kiáltok rád.

7. Csendhajnal / Silencedawn

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