1. The Gift

Yesterday when I was strong
Flying towards a place to belong
I thought that I knew for sure
Hand in hand with ‘Lady Obscure’

Forgot myself
Strong as I was
Leading the way
Just like all mighty Gods
I needed your hand,
Just like other things
But you were weak,
So I gave you my wings

And the Sun did vanish,
My blood got frozen
Didn’t know; Wrong option chosen
And in time my heart will freeze
Did you ever see a God on his knees?!
Separated by an unanswered feeling
Can’t you see my icy heart bleeding?

Within these wings
I gave myself
So this is my end,
For my clock counts twelve
Hope you’ll make it to the other side
Remember my gift and have a good flight

2. Lucidity...

3. ...Behind Closed Eyes

Behind closed eyes
The password to a thought
A source without lies
Answers grow in trees
The land inside is mine
Just don’t say please
Behind closed eyes

Too many times I’ve been questioning reality
Lived like all those lies that simply could not be

Destruction of my fate
We love the things we hate
So now I close my eyes
I have met the ego-energy

Answers start to twinkle,
While questions begin to fade
I can’t regret this choice that I’ve made
In this land no fog dares to roam
No chains or obstacles
To me everything is shown

Why should I accept the truth and stand in line
When doubt is the key to a new knowledge

4. Mind in Slow Motion

Still running the destined route
Carrying the weight of emotion
I want to lose the feelings I recruit
Because them force weakens my devotion

I wanna find me a way
Get me to play
And win without the chance of any loss
A heart in this race
Stagnation is to pay
Just let me live in a world of gloss

I hate my heart

So I ran another direction
Didn’t show any affection
Avoiding all emotions
A so called mind in slow-motion

I crushed my heart

Absurd was my motive
The glossy world I can’t find
Choking words asking questions
Feeding the base of new obsessions

Oh, how I miss my heart

5. A Light Without Shadows

I try to melt, this icy shield
A shield of dark set up by ignorance

I am a light without shadows

I try to melt this icy shield
A shield of dark set up by ignorance
Ignorance tends to lead my fall
Ignorance tends to lead my downfall

Behind this shield there is a source
A source of inexhaustible light
But this light has no effect
I am a light without shadows

Masses of grey,
Like water in oceans
Forming a force,
Like water in oceans
Flood enters my bare skin
Unable to put out my light
For the heat will evaporate
The wet waves of false might

Maybe someday my light will break
Through this shield of icy cold
Revelates to all the oceans
And spread the shadows of pure and light

6. ...On Angel Wings

Confusion within
Depression begins
Still falling,
Reaching to stone
The two of us are searching
Searching but alone

Drifting on shadows,
Pale black and white
Emotions drained,
Banished and denied
No tear in its purest form,
Is able to get nearby
Without angel wings,
Nobody can fly

Speechless empty, a silent cry
Self defence, easy and a lie
Drowning unfair, can’t let it go
Limitations of words, don’t know how to show

I shall help and join your solitaire dance
I will try if you only give it a chance
Together we can fly, surviving a storm
You know; Angel wings can be born!

High above endless coastlines
Within a colored breeze
We can smile, feel free again
Take this chance, oh please…

7. Just Dreaming

Dreaming, red landscapes
Sleeping, out of consciousness
Not aware of time and truth
I didn’t know that purity pollutes

Anger within
It’s not fair
High hopes, false hope
Another wish broke

Dreaming just stopped
Or hasn’t it begun
The red glow before my eyes
This happiness just dropped

Withering of a red rose
I knew it before buying
And I should have count on it
Wasn’t it worth trying

I forced the future
I haunted a dream
The answer, the truth
These words, they are so mean

I’m dreaming, just dreaming

And right I was
My question is answered
A suspect confirmed
But why the hell should I care
This isn’t even a wish anymore

8. My Black Shining Sun

In the east…
My black-shining sun is rising

Reflections of consciousness
Appearing in several forms
Locked up by frustration
Eaten the bitter corns
Perform the art of happiness
Unseen is the drowning tear
Hiding behind my face of joy
My mascot could be fear

I don’t see a reason why
I don’t have the chance to cry
I didn’t know the words that answer
I can’t reach the illusive dancer

Above my head…
My black-shining sun still shines

Take a look inside my head
You’ll see feelings that I’ve hidden
A grey blur rests inside my head
As emotions reach their climax

This place called life
A puzzle I can’t complete
It means nothing to me
If nobody can concrete

Sunset in the west
It’s color is turning to dark

9. Bidirectional Heartbeats

10. Damps of Weakness

Above the secret hole
My eyes stare down into
I’m standing here so tall
A frozen river is my form
Hardened, no sensitive spots
Nobody can destruct
Nobody can destruct or melt me

Surrounded by this cloud
A cloud of distress
Do I feel her skin touching mine?
And is it willing to break my ice?

Do I smell the damps of weakness
Invading the way I survive
This time my guess is right

Surprised by this heat
At once I feel weak
Tumbling over the edge
I don’t know what’s to come
In my fall I see myself
Wondering how and why

The valley becomes shallow
I can see it’s beauty now
It gives me the chance to follow suit
The colors are so beautiful
Now I know who I am

Reached the bottom of my mind
The last waterdrops are on their way
Looking up, I can see new ice
Knowing it will join me in a while

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