Eye Of Solitude

1. Cenotaph

scorn and confined, torn and withered,
mesmerised in sorrow
I will suffer, alone, dead and forgotten .
I awake imprisoned
here i am in front of this cenotaph
fallen, alone
scorn and confined, torn and withered,
these are my last words
indiferrent, as the sky above
grief is taking my heart
like no one else.

2. A Somber Guest

daylight has reached its end, fallen from disgrace
witness of my pain embalmed in buried tears
all these years i came from the dark
i kept the screaming
fallen days, your grace,loved and lonely
this warning, i invited him in
a somber guest before me
truth was dead as i was walking in tears
digrace unspoken
all this time i headed above
I wept,haunted...before a somber guest

3. This Goodbye. The Goodbye

there are lights in the sky craving life
torn and fallen down
like death, the air drowning lungs
strangers in the white on tidals of grief
we fall into despair leaving all behind again
this strangest tide of hope is gone
reaching enlightenment
we're falling again
we're sailing towards the white
to reach the empty shores of life
and there will be no dusk, no more
without enlightenment
Cet adieu. L'adieu. Il n'y a pas de mots, juste le regard
Il n'y a rien que je puisse dire de plus
Il n'y a plus rien Cet adieu. L'adieu.

4. Loss

the shadows remain and darkness fills me in
deep wounds confide the ashes of all time
the shadows enter my heart
imagination follows now
hidden shadows enter your world
but tomorrow they break
in mourning these are my thoughts
hidden shadows follow now
but tomorrow they break
the mourners follow now
and they'll take all your pain
for your depair
the mourners are marching slow
to weep their souls alone
who enters this void alone?
the mourners
are marching slow
to weep their souls alone

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