Eye Of Solitude
Dear Insanity

1. Dear Insanity

Entomb your fear
The promise you once kept
With a funeral veil
Showing the way to my insanity
Condemned in sin

Chasing the wind
Like a nightmare turned so real
Flowing through veins
And poisoning my mind

If I should turn
Back to where it came from
Leading its way through my mind
I'll try to break its spirit
And cast it in hell

Summon my fears
Where pain never fades
A dying thought
On a journey so far

There I'll find my fate
There I've lost myself
My final sacrifice
Ended its course

Daniel Neagoe — Vocals
Steffan Gough — Guitars
Mark Antoniades — Guitars
Adriano Ferraro — Drums
Chris Davies — Bass

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