Eye Of Solitude
Slaves To Solitude

1. The Blind Earth

So close to the ruins of time
They die
So far, far from your life, as wind
My hands old from the self,
The void of memories in my head
Tremble inside nowhere to hide
And nowhere to run
Hours of death screaming inside
Broken mirrors of hope
Im bringing more grief
Faces of light bound in the sky
And break from this prison
Cherish the memory of
Mirrors of truth bent down in lies
As stigmation runs
Inside my only reminiscent
Thought that I’ve hidden in
My final days
The blind earth
Dying alone

2. Still Descending

Try for me
Devour your fears now
They are empty, alone, false.
Merging with fire
My soul, helpless and torn
Painting blind portraits
With grievance and sorrow
Burning my soul
Tainted with grief
More thoughts built in suffering now
The hour penitent sorrow, nothing could breach
Our torn sins forgotten in hours
Is this god in his immensity now
A cross
An avil
Real lies in his mercyless divinity?
The most grievial sorrow awaits
Over weeping ashes
Alone... alone

3. Confinement

Would you be able to ...
To forgive
After you will be gone
Would you feel nightmares at all?
Sorrow in the heart of
Mourning mourning all life
My grief wrapped around your neck
Like a noose that strangles you
Like a prison without hope
Falling down like leaves in the sand
How could I be drowned
With the wind, without hope
Left alone
Torn once again in oblivion
In neverland
In the means of life
We’ll be gone like sands of time
To forgive... again

4. The Cold Grip of Time

Hours of misery
Unleash the wrath of my self
That brings you insanity
In the sole of time
Lying there without life
Without constraint
Folded in strains of time
From the ashes of myself
The liar crawls
In mirrors of suicidal thoughts
Leave all your time
Leave your entire life for me
Ashes to dust - places to hide
Nowhere is now
No one will fall
We die - we live
All the fire in the sky
Led by your willing sense to die
I am the one stealing your throne
Making you wonder why?
Tears on your face are an illusion of hope
Spent in hours of pain
Easy to drain
Marked on your face of fire
In vain
Facing the end alone

5. Boundless Silence

All the lost souls
One last time
Fall in seas of dawn
Shadows paint their souls
Into obscenity of the horror
Led across and placed in all this evil
Departed, dead across the land
So torn in their walk alone
Forward on in this scene of hope
Painted inside my mysery
(In the) Unknown sentences of life
Souls calling...take me home
Crossing yours and my hope
Betrayal, my grief
And despair
Careful, slowly lay your fear
End this chapter and your life

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