Eye Of Solitude
Sui Caedere

1. Awoken By Crows

Breathing in inexistence
open to you
every burnt offer over weeping
for too long

who am i to judge you?
bowed down in tears of blood
who am I but to see the truth
from the unknown scars
from the ashes of my soul?

greed paid in eternity every other night; waiting
now follow me
to a place far beyond

all for nothing, devouring, caressing your brain

forging in dreams so bitter
followed by fear
mourning the carved memory
awoken by crows

i feel tike suffocating, pleased in misery
i feel my ground is snaking
the fear of dying alone

2. The Haunting

Dwell with the fire
in the dark
for me
wait.. is it over?
full of shame within

insanity has conquered
but there's no one here
wasted years
betrayed by the gods

why there's no one here?
why there's nothing to fear?

3. Strigoi

Crawled inside whispering
with open mind in between
in my mind the cause of death is

dreams of war
they follow way beyond myself
with the end between you
with the air i breathe
I fall
in the realms of inveracity
despondency through dreams

I fall behind
for everytime my heart is breaking

for the rose in your hand that fades
every strigoi screaming
for every thought and every cross
that i bury inside me with you

4. A Note To Say Farewell

Why the time has stopped
the illusion staining your cold tips
waking and riding the tides

intunecat e cerut
de-un gri ce-n negru se preschimba
de-un negru ce mahnit, toarna picaturi reci
ce uda tot si patrund pana in esenta
incat amorteala si depresia pun stapanire

life all tost in your mind
swinging me for eternity
why begin this
tear the living
that you once tost

...a note
to say farewell...

5. Depths Of A Sick Mind

the fear i know so well
such crime to subjugate yourself

is this the price 1 have to pay?
all these words i still have to say...

puritanic true forcefull disease
puritanic through fences of mind
as a gift straight from above
to inherit the peaceful disease

6. Those Who Don't Return


7. Performed In Graphic Pain

Bowed down - on the other side
fate has all those strange encodings
grieving within for the horrid feelings

almost dead from everlasting pain
paid for with the austere craving
grieving within for the horrid feelings

all for eternity
in inequity
for the life I once had

grieve for the amnesty is eternity
false in skies

8. Totem Of A Pagan Thought

Burn my eyes-into insanity
closed inside-buried in atrocity
every night- in songs so funeral
take whats mine

fall with me
drown with the sin

burn my eyes-feel my pain
torn inside

buried with me
follows the grief
burn my eyes-die with me

follow the sin, follow me

9. Yet I Breathe

Wait for this entagled
angel oblivious I awake from beyond
then the darkness whispers names of the dead
alone I wonder through time
through life

in the end im broken
I want peace
solitary weakness
wakes with the end

one life - pretentious
infimous meaning
when life rejects you

it flies forever
feel no redemption
forged in deceit

wait for this entagled
angel oblivious I awake from beyond
then the darkness whispers names of the dead
alone I wonder through time
through time

10. Departure

One by one for a moment we fade
with the passion in time combined
is the fog of ashes in me?
am I in anger or am I redeemed?
more and broken, folded in pain?
the departure I take to death...

Indee Rehal-Sagoo – Guitars
Tristan Jefferies – Guitars
Pedro Caballero Clemente – Keyboards
Daniel Neagoe – Vocals

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