Blood Will Follow Blood

1. ...Kun Veri Peittää Maan

...Kun veri peittää maan, aseet kohti vihollista nostetaan ja isänmaata puolustetaan,
kunnes viimeinenkin mies kaadetaan

...Kun veri peittää maan ja vedet värjää punaisellaan
kosto kuolleiden puolesta vannotaan
"Jumalauta, niiden veri tulee vuotamaan!!
...päällä tämän maan".

Ei sääliä, ei armoa
ei tähän yöhön mahdu yhtään pelkoa
täytyy elämä tai kuolema valita ja sodan viha kohdata.

...Ja veri peittää maan, vihollisen voimat murskataan
niiden viimeinenkin mies kaadetaan
"Jumalauta niiden veri tulee vuotamaan!!"
...päälle tämän maan.

Ja kun tornin kellot kumahtaa, varjot yöhön mustaan katoaa
viimeiset sanat huudetaan, kun kuolema korjaa satoaan

...Kun veri peittää maan ja vedet värjää punaisellaan
kosto kuolleiden puolesta vannotaan
"Jumalauta, niiden veri tulee vuotamaan!!
...päällä tämän maan!!"

2. Blood Will Follow Blood

No good will ever grow in me
For hate and anger is all i feel
Trapped in your lies for so many times,
now feel my hatred and my burning eyes

I want to see your every single tear
As i color your life pale and dark
I will open the door for you to the land of despair
And guide you through tha path of thousand mourning stars

I want to end it here...(blood will follow blood)
I want to end it all...(blood will follow blood)
I want you to see...(blood will follow blood)
That i will never fall...(blood will follow blood)
Blood will follow blood!

I know what you feel in your heart
For i'm the disease in your blood
Moments of terror will come your way
And crush your soul and end your days
Now embrace my rage and feel the flames burning inside.
As i'm crawling through your veins
Like razorblade tearing you apart

I am your pain

No good will ever...

There's a cruel poembook, an engraving in your mind.
And every time you'll turn me one more page.
I will strike through your eyes like a thunder from the sky.
And show you all the might of my rage.

3. Rain

Every day is another rain
A dance between pleasure and pain
And every night is another death
A disturbing dream of hate and regret

Shadows are dancing without a shape
Through the vast lands of murder and rape
Sorrow frozen in eyes of the dying
Deafening silence, no laughter, no crying

Do you know the thing you are after?
Is that sound a song of joy of madman's laughter?
Just tortured soul drowned in sadness
Hunters of night driven by madness

One day i looked at the sun but it burned my eyes
I searched deep in my soul and found a lifetime of lies
These rooms are empty and the house is burning
Through floating soul in flames i'm yearning

Just a blank thoughtless decision
Just empty black eyed vision
A last tender farewell kiss.
Then cut myself, ignorance is bliss

4. Daughter Of The Storm

I see the sky turning into dark
While the day is giving it's final mark
Shadows grow longer beneath the trees
As black curtain spreads all over me

And i know this is the time i've been waiting
...to see you in the shadows

Now the moon gives the only light to my eyes
As i try to search you in this obscure night
I feel your presence just like before
Thunder and rain before the storm

Like lurking in the dark
Waiting for my move
...like hunting in the shadows

Of the night, out of light you are born
Child of thunder, daughter of the storm
A scarlet diamond, midnight treasure
Purest love when pains come pleasure

One dying touch, your eyes gloom
Red tears like me in your daylight misery
Now close your eyes and see the true me

Of the night...


Jussi Ranta - Vocals, Synth
Tuomas Murtojärvi - Guitars
Petri Moisio - Guitars, Bass

Drums on this record by Pekka Koponen

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