Death Whispers Misery (demo)

1. The Drowning

Who's children are those lost at sea
The pale black surface
Awaiting to devour them
To it's endless womb
No one to claim them
To pull them back on shore

A formula to erase the human beast
In flesh their price is valued
In decadence their history is remembered
Bringers of perdition, now watch yourselves drown
...drown in the springs of given life

Waters so dark ascending
Reeking with sickness from below
The blackness arise from the deep
To flood and ruin the creations

The powers that gather around us
And the malice that lingers unrevealed
No deeds nor prayers
Can cease the floods

Spiritual functions collapse
And break the harmony
Between chaos and clarity
The spectral blessings of waters
Deep yearning pits

The drifting - the peaceful drifting
The drowning - the sweet eternal womb

Sweet oblivion open your arms
Accept this worldly sacrifice

2. Rain (Slipping Away)

Every day is another pain
A dance between light and lunacy
And every night is another breakdown
The world is my circus and I am the clown

Shadows are dancing upon my walls
Death is awaiting, it hunts me, it calls
Sorrow frozen in the thoughts of the innocent
Suicide on the doorsteps

These streets are filthy and the disease is loose
I`ve prepared my exit, I`ve readied the noose

Just a blank thoughtless decision
Just an empty black-eyed vision
I leave this world, death I kissed
I made my choices, I shall not be missed

Slipping away
Towards eternity…

Do you know what makes you tick?
What gets you down, what makes you sick?
Just idiots with no purpose
Maggots on brainwash overdose

One day I looked at the sun, but it burned my eyes
Searched deep for a meaning but I found only lies

Slipping away
Towards eternity…

3. Death Whispers Misery

I break down everytime
They call my name and they never lie
My scars are thick and not so old
The river is drifting me, the water is cold

I pull them down and burn everything
Flesh is boiling, ripping of the skin
Unfocused, harsh smoke fills my lungs
Nothing´s clear as the horizon hides the sun

Buried, deep inside, hold the pain
Revenge, these moments break the chain
A strained victim, i curse this day
Anger feeds the flame

Anger feeds the flame
Anger feeds the flame

Price on my soul, no one knows
Darkness falls, push me below
I see their faces, i let it go
Pull me up by my throat

There´s blood on my hands
I failed the ones i know
Despised and damned
This moment is for me to go

Silence breaks, death whispers misery
No falling back, death whispers misery
Decisions made no reason to lie
Being here is an endless fight

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