Atmospheric Black

1. The Home Among the Stars

To dream has gone from fraud
Found home among the stars
A long way after the song
It can't be left behind

Life is different here
To bind oneself with Earth
The blood, the memories bear
To hold it and fly forth

The winds are carrying words
To find oneself in them
The flight on the wings of dream
'Till end I bound with it

From fraud to dream has gone
Found home among the stars
The way leads the song along.
...And I shall not return

2. The Way for a Poison

I watch the cause of fire
It is nature's desire
I watch dead eyes in the fire
It is darkness's desire

War has not gone
Earth is not pure
And soon it will tremble

The only fate
Was allotted by birth
That moment is the will of the creator

Freedom has weight
Who's to be (the) judge ?
It has not been allotted to the weak

Blood is changing ways
But time decides
Where's the beginning of the end

There is so cold
So dark
So pure
The way for a poison

There is so painful
So violent
So harsh

The moment was long-awaited
Thed ark day covers with death
Those who know it will be prepared,
Make themselves ready for it

3. Back to the Roots

Back to the roots
The circle is broken
I stay on the other side
The planet of life
And the star of death

The whole world is strangled and broken
The filth flows up to the neck
The world devastated is groaning
In the age of the fallen star

Beyond the horizon
Where time sleeps
A new circle will announce itself
The days of the past will appear in the eyes
The new time begins its path

The river will split
It is the eighth day
The last night, separation is at hand
A heavy brick will close the hole
No one can pass through

A cold song flies beyond
Dead shadows enter the emptiness
Those who succeed will be en route
Awakened of future ways

4. Isolated

5. Field of the Dead Fires

In the cold
The field of the dead.
A drunk dancing
On the tombs of life.
Whisper of the wind,
New time, we wil not meet.

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