Never Say Never

1. Who Wants to Live Forever?

Родился, пошёл;
Споткнулся, упал;
Тянулся, устал и сдался;
Не будет сна, где нет тепла,
Но будет страх сойти с ума.
Отдал, забыл, смирился

Первый свет
Болью, прозрением
Рвется нить
Двух поколений
Куда лететь?
Нужно ли клясться?
Наступит ночь
В ней можно остаться

Мечта зовёт
В ней есть спасение
Новый шаг
Где-то стремление?
За кругом круг
Опять начало
Знакомый путь
Время не ждало

Встречать рассветы под луной
Кто хочет прожить вечность?
Найти всё то, что над тобой
Кто хочет прожить вечность?
Раскрыть секрет минувших дней
Кто хочет прожить вечность?
Сквозь никогда бежать быстрей
Кто хочет прожить вечность?

Стать песней утренним снегам
Кто хочет прожить вечность?
Лицом идти к седым ветрам
Кто хочет прожить вечность?

2. The River

There's no time for return
To an old dried river.
And no one can fly
Being nurtured with filth.

A wish to go back
Is the first step of a search:
If there was a life
You should use it in time.
The best way to start
Is to remember a day
When the time was long
And the wind was so fast
While one was good,
Two can take on more,
But there was only one
Who always understood the whole.
What once was yours
Remains with you forever:
It's the highest reach
Of your greatest peak

Your time likes to play,
Changing words and faces;
It can paint a moment
When the blood freezes.
Travelling so far away
Can destroy those roots
That lived long ago
But can die now in you.
Pictures of horizons
Are made by you alone,
They draw different worlds
Or a lifeless space
Every fruit is good
When the source is clean,
And then any deed
Stay eternally.

3. No Dance

When day closes his eyes,
And lost souls arise,
With the perfect taste
The moon paints her lines.
Cold voices and laughs,
The stars from the past.
Eaten fruit forbidden can't be.

No dance on stage
Under the gaze
When eyes are dead,
Wind cannot play.
No dance with you,
Your time's so slow.

Inaction tricks.

There's no rules for the art,
The light flights with dark,
And things gain immortality.
Step over the line,
Then fly across the sky.
Deeds matter: like actions like wings.

No dance on stage
Under the gaze
When eyes are dead,
Wind cannot play.
No dance with you,
Your time's so slow.

Inaction tricks.

Joyless World
Painted by the song.
Lonely souls
Search their old strange home.

There is light,
Which from the moon is flying,
Will be the source
From the past to the future.

When strings are prepared at once
And silence comes,
There remains one more life to live.
To live and to leave.
But once to return
To remember and to harvest the best crops.

No dance on stage
Under the gaze
When eyes are dead,
Wind cannot play.
No dance with you,
Your time's so slow.
Inaction tricks.

4. From the Past to the Future

5. Mystery of Old

From native place
A force was raised.
It lasted long,
Once almost died.
A dozen of souls
Created the World
Of strange old songs
And trips so far.

They drove away
Then coming back.
And hurrying time
Couldn't hear the thread.

Today the trees
And some green fields
Keep mystery
Of old legend.

Memories always be there
Your voices are young in them.
The tree at crossroads will bloom again
And starlight path will bring souls back.

6. Massacre

Those loud words are only darkness
But this darkness is artificial.
There's no use in further countdown
For the emptiness wrapped the back.


Everything that's real
Will always be unclear.
The greatest achievement
Is to get closed in the ring.
The new road is in thickets,
The end is not the beginning,
There is no need to
Discover the known.

For you, neverthless...
For your own flight
The roads do not hide,
Find the only one that's yours.

7. Epilogue

The house was created,
Imbibed the ideas of long days,
All doors have been opened.
Now I, the Creator, have to leave this place.

A new beginning.
Time for new journeys and strange battles.
But wherever I go
The house will always stay the same.

Good bye!

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