Forest Of Shadows
Six Waves Of Woe

1. Submission

[Music written by Niclas Frohagen 2006]
[Arranged by Niclas Frohagen 2006-2007]
[Lyrics written by Niclas Frohagen 2007]

There, in the radiance of deceit
A broken body and a shattered mind
Screaming without making a sound
So weak and weary from its defeat
Forever detached from a world of dreams
Left staring into bottomless perdition
Deep down where lasting torments await
Draped in unquestionable delusion

There, in the radiance of deceit
Facing final submission

2. Selfdestructive

[Music written by Niclas Frohagen 2006]
[Arranged by Niclas Frohagen 2007-2008]
[Lyrics written by Niclas Frohagen 2007]

Listen, to the sound of falling
The decline of a beautiful yesterday
Spiraling down a pitch black forever
Into the essence of your desperate idea
A creation of a weary and exhausted mind
Feeding upon its own poisoned fruits
And craving for our final decline
To let go and be pulled beneath

Can you hear it, the lamenting river
The river that has whispered our names
Once i stared into its cold black eye
As if tomorrow would never come
Sometimes i wonder if you do the same
If you yearn for that deadly kiss
Wanting to escape your plaguing burden
And reach out for a moment of peace

I never thought it would come to this
That we would end up in this weary state
Like shades of a forgotten Eden
In constant denial of all that was us
Killing ourselves to live a lie
Killing ourselves without knowing why
Searching for peace but finding pain
We are suffering from selfish ambitions

3. Detached

[Music written by Niclas Frohagen 2006]
[Arranged by Niclas Frohagen 2006-2007]
[Lyrics written by Niclas Frohagen 2007]

I felt the world turn away
Without saying why
To leave me trembling among
The thorns of the waste
To be swallowed by myself
and the darkness that is me
All I asked for was a dream to live
Or a final farewell

Please tell me why I can't be there
And have to seek shelter in isolation
Please tell me why I choose to escape
And leave the world that could be mine

I don't know when
I don't know how
But somehow I lost it
The will to see beyond
I am stuck with the shadows
Of my own destruction
And I sink with the wreckage
Of my broken dream

Save me...
Save me...

Please tell me why I can't be there
To welcome another beautiful day
To taste the sweet honey of life
And smile upon all that was granted to me
Please tell me why I choose isolation
And detach myself from the ones I love
It seems like I really lost it
And now the world lost me

4. Moments In Solitude

[Music written by Niclas Frohagen 1997]
[Arranged by Niclas Frohagen 2006-2007]
[Lyrics originally written by Niclas Frohagen in 1997 rearranged in 2006]

Embraced by shadows
Feels like I'm dead to this world
This withering grey existence
A paradise for a sleepwalking kind

Suppressed screams echo inside
They carve at my fragile state
I'm plagued by my own pathetic misery
A creation of a diverted mind

These moments in solitude
Makes me wanting to escape
Far, far away from here
To where I rule my own life
A kingdom for myself
A place without fear
And with no need of your gods
That's where I find eternal peace
Somewhere among nowhere
That's where I linger
In my moments in solitude
Seeking comfort beyond my grasp
But it's all an empty vision
And I'm still here

Falling through skies of darkness
That shrouds my life with hatred and lies

I never wanted to feel sorry for myself
But I can't seem to find another way out

5. Pernicious

[Music written by Niclas Frohagen 2006]
[Arranged by Niclas Frohagen 2007]
[Lyrics written by Niclas Frohagen 2006]

And so, another day unfolds
Another day dressed in black
Ready to pull me further down
Down the spiral of my decay
I'm lost in a growing hell
A darkness I can't bear
My hours are gone
My days are dead

Oh, please turn on the light
And give me comfort for a while
One last moment of peace
A chance to breathe
Grant me some golden beams
And let them dance upon my face
Silence my bitter words
And let me smile

And so, the colors fade away
No longer are they mine
Only black and blue to paint
The world that burnt my eyes
And nailed me to my cross
I'm at their mercy now
Helpless and exhausted
To be devoured

Oh, please turn on the light
And tell me this is not the end
I'm not ready yet
For departure
I know it's just in vain
To think that things can be undone
But all I'm asking for
Is an escape

Oh, please turn on the light
And tell me it was just a dream
Let me awake somewhere else
Somewhere far away
Once I reached out my hands
And they opened up my veins
Once I reached out my hands
To the pernicious

6. Deprived

[Music written by Niclas Frohagen 2006]
[Arranged by Niclas Frohagen 2006-2007]
[Lyrics written by Niclas Frohagen 2005]

Once there was a smile
Filled with radiant bliss
Breathing summers pride
In the midst of a beautiful life
Oh, how it danced upon her face
Painting nothing but perfection
Her eyes stared into tomorrow
As fragile wings spread wide open

Through gardens of deceit
Where delusive pleasures grow
She followed a sweet perfume
Into the depths of a twilight dream
There in sunny beams he did appear
With poisoned flowers for his prey
Like a divinity for blind worship
He smiled and reached out his hand

With visions of grand beauty
And words of promised lands
Her mind was slowly intoxicated
By a yearning for that glorious light
Sleepwalking she entered the delusion
Sleepwalking she entered his golden cage
And wings of liberty fell dead
As she awoke from her slumber

Once there was a smile
But now it's dead and gone
Buried beneath a lifeless mask
That hides the wreckage that is her
Another angel fallen from grace
Deprived of all that once was
Unable to see her own tomorrow
And destined to fade away

Niclas Frohagen : Guitars / Synth / Programming / Vocals

"Six Waves of Woe" was written, performed and produced in Stockholm, Sweden 2005-2008 by Niclas Frohagen.
Mastering was done at Finnvox, Finland 2008 by Minerva Pappi.
Graphical design, photographs and logotype by Niclas Frohagen.

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