Graceful Pandora (ep)

1. Graceful Pandora

Riures vora el món…

L’encís espanta, d’un cos. L’alè distant atia el foc.
L’afany d’un guany que arriba al fons.

Bateguen dubtes sense sang.
L'horitzó és un mar de fang.
Semblen lliures.

Encesa fam d’infant, simple astúcia.
La vida és lluita enmig de mals.
Lligams que ens fan ser mortals.

Riures vora el món…

2. Grand Believer

This is the roughest trail, a look at backwards

The grand believer found the origins of night
In his daughter eyes, fairy smiles,
Guileless vice, in spite of flair

A gruesome voice can change behaviors
And feed a stronger chain yet
Sweet hole to next step
Recall the continuation, to the longing and its price
She is loyal to the purest real life

As she feels it’s coming out a monster faster
Then the fright belongs to you, fairy smiles
Guileless vice, in spite of flair, it’s dark…

Believe in spells proves the higher cause or the weakness
Believe in ghouls writes the primal horror
To break the spell allows losing all direction
All the flair learnt

Transforms to delight
The grand believer regrets the illusion lost
Can’t take it
Perverting the safety in others

Transforms to delight
Farewell of fears and soul departs
Could fly out high

Brought passion that creeps
The grand believer arrows hurt deep

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