Those Horrors Wither

1. Whirl of Dread

Leaving all my deamons back
Still seems the sky covered by black clouds
Are these faces all my bag
Or prisions from I've never really scaped
Crawling under horrors often fails
Stale hangovers, sight watching high
and then fragile blossoms falling
Whirl of dread, whirl of dread
How use the feral shiver left behind
Its inner cadence set my cry
Or slough then to dusting life
The shiver left behind
Swarm over there, so strong fellows
Watch from a bursting sky
All feared seals, fell on my head wound
And fill the pain thru my eyes
How long I should the hide
My loss, not face the dark, transforms
Crippled mind, still even being sly
One drift through the luricking lies
Wielding the fear, wearing a simple rag
Tangled whirl, not to smother my stare
But enshrines the pledge
Faint lapse is life
Thin blind guide, awful nest
Always a bleak lore

2. Addiction

With the senses laid in the ground
I can feel the strongest desire
And slow down time
With the fences reclaiming regard
I feel tight and slight the real player
A dose I know
Lazy nights, unfriendly sites
Children, your father sometimes dies
Your father sometimes flies, children
Children, your father sometimes dies
Regain a morbid essence
Plucked all wordly aims
The lone good felt is
A credance to survive
To snare the addiction slide
Sullen stay, distressing need hence sore
Loser worm, the addictions sign
The addictions humble sign
Children, wait here please, let me taste your smile

3. Senescència

Riu la senescència, vés no em mori mai
Viurem prou temps
Intens esclat amb el sol
Un temor s'atança
Malaurada claror
Del temps crec no adonar-me'n prou si resto dret
Cingles d'avidesa semblen buidar l'horror
L'aridesa del món empeny l'horitzó
Dins un altre dialeg de sords
No el pretenc allà on jo sigui, desfer
Ni posseir el que no sóc, si no hi sóc
Cada dia un mal de nou
Un nou dia, una vida enfront dorm
No hi ha mal que esbotzi el cor
Si al darrer tomb m'acarona la mort
Riu la senescéncia, vés no em mori mai

4. L.amor.t

Amb la recança de ser un ésser trist i fràgil
Com permets el viure així al seu costat
Escapces la veritat, l'amor un fum lloat
Relegues el preu d'uns lligams forts
Creu-te posseídor d'un bé preuat
No! No hi veus el mal?
O aprens a furgar al cor del teu desig
Resta encegat pel suau engany
Passeges un camí equivocat
L'anhel et torna tendre
La cruesa del coneixe't un instant
Falseja el teu neguit
Sembla un fermall
Ferides sense sang, i escenes que fan mal, si
Relegues el preu d'uns lligams forts
Creu-te que l'amor l'esquivarà, no!
Ferides sense sang, escenes que fan mal
El desencant
Podràs entendre l'amor si et centres
Mentres vulguis ser i no tenir
Vulguis, no tenir!
No hi veus el mal
Sembla un fermall
La mort pot fer-te veure al plaer...

5. Those Horrors Wither

Bless them, those horrors set a chill inside
Death line marks a rush ahead
The gaze backwards claims the freedom
Sway onwards, can't unfold my I
Fear to be scared can evolves in a lie
The mass hides
Primary instincts reveal a new cusp
Rejoice the blind god that word writes
And ride across the swarm
A shameful moral hole
Primary instincts are virtuous darts
They have the keys of life and death
Remain intact for those who face truth
Frail being struggling out exist
Darkness... anxiety and fear rise
The wrenching love... renew desires and voids
Unknown... awe the agressions around
The lingering sigh... discipline of the growth control
Look me, learn me, concludes the fire
Those horrors makes me strong

6. Graceful Pandora

Riures vora el món...
L'encís espanta, d'un cos
L'alè distant atia el foc
L'afany d'un guany que arriba al fons
Bateguen dubtes sense sang
L'horitzó és un mar de fang
Semblen lliures
Encesa fam d'infant, simple astúcia
La vida és lluita enmig de mals
Lligams que ens fan ser mortals

7. To Strangle a Ghost

The disease of who can never get, the reason and grasp
Extended limbs and silent scenes
Touch of shoulder, your innocence lost
Treambling cold hands
Reclaim a further fate
Oh ghost, set your destination frame
Bless, the foul aim
Break, and sera then the unconscious pain
Reclaim a further fate
Oh ghost, let abide the rules of worldly mire
Pray, one word I can't explain
Control again away
Living on shallow soils, the smoke flows high
A ghostly wire calls, dreaming...
This is your dose of nicotine
A simple act that makes you fell strangle ghosts
Dreaming all controlled
Despite of fears, despite not being poised
Living wrapped in remorse
Those childish eyes can't even hide the flop

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