Glorior Belli
Manifesting the Raging Beast

1. From Darkness There Springs Light

Light is sour blood spilled from pregnant skies.
Frothing & turning, ignoring dead wings as they drift by.
It reveals blood & rust from twisted faces.

Long shadows are the devil & death the cold breeze.
Coughing & choking in the fading night, I smiled...
The fruit of labour grew in the fertile world.

Only to fall and decay among the wings that are curled.
Light is blood spilled above the five-pointed stars.

Surrounded by the dark eye in this forgotten time, I lied!
The fruit of labour bloomed in a scorched world.

And now ... From darkness there springs light!
And now ... From darkness there springs light...
And now ... From darkness there springs light...
And now ... From darkness there springs light...
And now ... From darkness there springs light...
And now ... From darkness there springs light...

2. Deadly Sparks

I am the raging fire, a clandestine flame
Fill my lungs with dirt from the graves
Starlit cosmic charge in Luciferian skies

My every cell burns with all that is dead
And My soul from out that shadow that lies floating
On the floor Shall be lifted, Nevermore.

Inhale the vapor of my secret
If ever you shall be so fortunate
Then sing unto the moon and to the above unknown ...

In the nocturnal realm afar
Oath of twilight shall be sworn
Thorugh the taste of deadly sparks
Shall the Beast of night be born!

3. Sinister Resonance

Spirits in wings, a thousand seraphs bursted.
Dark flames still hovering on their baneful flight.
Death in all but the putrid breath that fell,
Refracted, through thy bounds, afar.

O Death! from the eye of Satan upon that star!

Sweet was that error -- Better still than breath --
Sweet was that error -- Sweeter still than death --

And there, O may my spirit dwell!
Beside your limbs & yet how far from the shell

For each star is fatal there,
And looks so desperately afflicted.
Like a thousand poisons, every blaze
shines upon my eyes and afflicted heart.

Away, Away!
To distant spheres, I rode.
And late to ours, the favored one of God.
But now, the ruler of an infested realm,
Incense and high spiritual hymns
Leaves in debt my wretched limbs.

4. Severed From The Self

Fractured delight, the spirit bends
Still this body never breathed.

Affected glimpses, behind my lonely hill of strangeled shadows,
Have fled. With voiceless words attached,
A stillness to which no silence can compare.

Though as the crack subsides, and dies the self within,
An atrocious pain rises.

It writhes! It writhes with mortal pangs.
And seraphs sob at Satan's fangs, in human gore imbued.

Now are thoughts thou shalt not banish,
Now are visions never to vanish:

Through chaos His light occurs still
Severance to thy damnation shall seem
As a blood-red fever burning,
Which would cling to Thee forever.

Affected beliefs, behind my lonely hill of strangeled shadows,
Arise. With vicious words attached,
An ode to which nothing can compare.

5. Manifesting The Raging Beast

Cycles of hatred
Deathlike dissolution
I rode beneath thy burning eye;
In thought that can alone

Ascend, and so be
A partner of your crime.
Heralds have known,
Dreamt for thy Infinity...
Over every spot that has been by you caressed
From columns high, the raging beast awakes
And storms of retaliation unfold
Enthralled by hypnotic tones

"Forever abused..."
Softly sings the plague

Still a voice divine can sing
And this incomparable beauty

Still adorn a rotten heart, my own
Where the poison shines and boils

And in each note; emotions flung
aloft with fevered pace.

The music of my soul is sung
with tainted grace.

6. Said Lucifer In Twilight

On a starred night Lucifer uprose.
Tired of his domain accused the fiend.
Above the rolling sphere in a cloud part screened, where believers embrace their wildest realm.
Poor prey to his hot fit of pride were those & now upon his western wing he leaned.
Now his huge bulk careened.
Now the planet whispered: "Drink what you may, sleep if you will, inhale the poison, swallow your pills.
The god of the empty, the seed of your pain.
The toxin I spread lies still in your brains".
He reached a higher plane & to the stars he sang.
Soaring through wider zones that pricked his scars, with memory of the old revolt from Awe.
For the dawn of Knowledge has a Southern Sign.
Lucifer once again disposes his arm around the ancient track marched.
Path of the unalterable law of light.
On a blood red moon Lucifer proposed.
Devoted to his dominion claimed the fiend.
Below the rolling sphere in a cloud part screened, where sinners embrace their reverie.
Poor prey to his hot fit of pride were those & now upon his western wing he leaned, now his huge bulk careened ...
Until the Sunset of their resistance fall behind the spikes which adorn their heads, the toxin I spread lies still in your brains...
Said Lucifer In Twilight.

7. Serpentine Admonition

Ashes of malice remain in this liturgy
And you cherish mysteries of my body & blood.
At morn, at noon, at twilight dim;
Lucifer, Thou hast heard my hymn!

When storms of fate overcast
And clouds reveal a shredded sky,
Through all energy I feel,
Lucifer, be with me still.

Thus, in discourse, villains whiled away
The night that waned & brought no day.
They entered my severed heart & reach into my bones.

O, wherever your image may be,
Nothing shall block my way.
Thou hast bound many eyes but the strains still arise!

Groan with the ashes of lamentation,
In all grief-stricken mourning and bitter complaint.
Lucifer, Thou hast heard my hymn!

Play on the zither of salvation & the harp of misery,
On the tabors of prayer and the pipe of praise without end!

8. Altered Verses

Psalms of terror, the altered verses of the holy.
Evil things, in robes of sorrow,
Assailed the human's high estate.

Vast forms, that move absurdly to a discordant melody.

While, like a ghastly threat through pale skins,
A hideous tumour rush out & laugh But smile no more.

Till secrecy shall knowledge be in the confines of Hell.

See the horns,
Shake from your burden
Each hindering thing.
Manifesting the raging beast.

For what can awaken the beast so soon,
Whose sleep hath been taken beneath the cold moon,
As the spell which winds of witchery may cast,
The rhythmical number "666" will exhort him to rise!

See the horns,
Shake from your burden each hindering thing.
Leave them apart,
Manifesting the raging beast.

See the horns,
Your burden...
Each Hindering Thing.

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