Glorior Belli
Meet Us at the Southern Sign

1. Once in a Blood Red Moon

Free from enduring slumber, From barren flesh ascend
Prone before eternity, Seek the unknowable
Exalt in that solitude, Into this eerie halt
Behold the night's prelude, Fear not the twilight's fate

Heed the call to birth the Self, Woe to those who would hinder
Your path... Is infinite, Forged by a fiery tongue
The moon for you grimaces, Yet once it teased & jacked
Its light's a wicked place, For those whose hearts turn Black

Over the magick there that waves
And celebrates an empty grave
As not a sun obscured the skies

Many Hours float darkly by
And my soul, as it shall forceful be
Your fires guide to Light and thee

For what could be more enlightened
Than spells a wrathful heart may cast
To crush the way of a fool God

2. The Forbidden Words

In my mind echoes the ireful chant,
See me stand with fire in my hands!

Master, Hear now my wicked words,
As they drill the fragile cosmic plan.
In this very hour I call upon thee,
Vpon blazing forces to transgress!
May thy eternal black fire
Leads my soul to worlds afar.

Come forth, Herald of the devouring flame!
We the faithful desire your teachings

I crush the flesh, the veil, Of Demiurgic illusions!
In this very hour I call upon thee.
I praise the source of my strenght
O' ruler of all Ten
Let me be reborn into my darkest self!

And thus inspired, my spirit elevates.
Guided by your unflinching will,
My true essence will be affirmed.

In this very hour of commitment,
I utter the forbidden words
And nopw go forth with thy blessings,
To cast that spell on the livings!

3. Swamp That Shame


4. There Is But One Light

O nothing reveals the Dark of willful eyes,
As in those temples where the Light
Springs forth from Lucifer!

O nothing awakes the thrill of collapsing fields,
As in those shrines where the hymn
Springs forth from our Guide!

O nothing depicts the bright of the Morning Star,
As in those sanctuaries where spells
Spring forth from our chants!

I have made a secret door
Here in the thigh of Gods...
Into the very house of my Mentor

I crawl and wander alone
Here in the cave of Gods.
'O how pale is salvation

Behold, six rays of a dying sun...
Splendors over the unchained self!
Dancing to the madness of the moon

By the blackest nights I weave my spells
And my heart turns out a wicked place
Do tremble! Columns of the Vniverse
For Eternity is in hands of a wrathful Child

For in the Aeon of my Father
There is but One Light!

The Eye of my Father is now opened
The seal is broken up... There is Knowledge!

5. My True Essence


6. In Every Grief-Stricken Blues

I believe these pale bones are mine
And all this dust over that grave
Today should float and twist and whirl
Along the smoke of my loose wraith

In every grief-stricken blues
I feel the woe of that old scene
When lying dead under their feet
I cheered out loud at my new Self!

Futile puzzles I leave behind
Hastin my skin to peel & grind
Before thy essence vanishes
And torn out my soul to pieces

What I hear now, what I can see
Is part of a greater degree
And as I'm crawling back to start
I design and write my own Light

7. Nox Illuminatio Mea

In early visions of the night
And waking dreams of lust and might
A prophet of the great Lilith
My soul in sneak came to visit

Inquisitive by nature, I
Became an instrument of death
Destroying the persistent lie
With the poison of my all faith
And allegiance I sworn to thee
O glowing womb that sets me free!

In every angle of the night
And wicked fantasies of light
The faceless Queen of hell rises
And barriers she burns to ashes
May flames that in secret she keeps
Vnchain my soul, my nature deep

Knowledge, never to fade away
I embraced on that lascivious day
'O Mother of burning secrets
Reveal to me all which is veiled

Nox Illuminatio Mea! Nox Illuminatio Mea!
Scorch and consume now my dying flesh Lead My soul to the crowning darkness
Nox Illuminatio Mea! Nox Illuminatio Mea!
Bless me with eternal sight Where in dwells the endless night

8. The Blazing Darkness (Of Luciferian Skies)

The blazing darkness of Luciferian skies
Vpon which no man can safely set his eyes
Was meant to be detected by spiritual means,

Hence remaining unknown to the race of men
But the blessed few which exist between -

The Human soul & Heaven,
Made gods by Sophia,
Sent and manifested as the serpent,
Bearing Lanterns of wisdom from Firmament

...An ancient and eternal struggle
For truth shall be fought on Terrestrial land,
For the servitude & allegiance of a species
Created at God's command.

Wisdom has won the war
But the fruit of her labor is yet to be seen...

...For when infinite enemies meet
On the prophecy's hill, the promised peak,
The liberated spirits, they shall purge
From the Vniverse the Demiurge

9. Fivefold Thought

Come forth dawn of the Self!
Wicked power and glory bright.
Hear the music of the World;
Awake, (awake!) 'O dreadful God
Thee with fervor I glorify;
From thee I draw my nature true!

Thy thousand hosts are spread
Embattled over darkened skies;
We the faithful on life feed,
Lifting now thy mighty flame on high!

Thou who seek out the prophet false,
To purge his kin and fallacy.
Hurling him down from his towers above,
As a thunderbolt to Hell!

Bestow me with power & Will,
In secret lies the five-pointed splendor.
With Knives & Candles I embrace,
An avatar of thy greatness.
Thee with fervor I commend;
From thee I draw my nature true!

I lift up my voice and all livings tremble.
I unveil my face and all that liveth is no more.

The WORD is broken up... There is Knowledge!

10. Fires of the Sitra Ahra


11. Meet Us at the Southern Sign

Heralds of a deadly time yet to come
Forged over the greatness of baneful tunes

Meet us at the Southern sign!

Murderers of the former faith
Here's to your illumination!
Enemies of the Demiurge
Set your souls aflame!

Children of Darkness
Meet us at the Southern sign!
Rise now your tridents up high
As devastating chants fill up the sky

Forever defeating our prison walls
We become as one with the sinister gods
And gates and mysteries are keys that we own
For the Eye is now opened, there is but one light!

Meet us at the Southern sign!

"For what can awaken the Beast so soon
Whose sleep has been taken beneath the cold moon
As the spells which winds of witchery may cast
The rhytmical number 666 will exhort him to rise!"

Meet us at the Southern sign!

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