Glorior Belli
Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes)

1. Lies-Strangled Skies

I, the forsaken vengeful son
Came a long way and took on form
Where no sun would follow me down
Where no divine would lay sealed
For I have known that which concealed;
Skies so deep as though they always mourned
False prophets by no greatness adorned
The forgery that the stars deadens

O' how the demiurge abhor
My words buried in monuments void
Of any causal influence

Lies-strangled skies
Behold me in the midst
Of a torment I couldn't resist
A fortuitous flood engulfing all
Wherein no secrets stay untold

Lies-strangled skies
Alone for me suffice
To ignite senses which god despise
A black flame consuming my soul
Wherein no secret hidden lies

I rejoice at your nonchalance
While from the dome the dead stars fall
Your feet don't weave a cheerful dance
Since in Heaven rest not your soul
You harmed, and wrongly did despise;
The gift the Horned one gave me

2. World So Spurious

Pounding upon his zealots with colossal fists
We have learnt to hail without making a face,
Such is our strength, the only virtue that exists,
Beyond the farce of Creation
That so many yet embrace

What God hides with aplenty storms of curses,
That daily rise, while enthralling lies he nurses,
To see your strife be mocked and spit on by the like
Of many scums, who fancy your head on a spike

With splendor our heart is filled
His burning essence conceals
A scent of pure freedom rebuilt

With delight,
We breathe this fragrance every night
Wherein Twilight,
Reveal the secrets of your might

What God does with violent whirlwinds of curses,
That daily rise, while alluring lies he nurses,
To see your plight be mocked and spit on by the like
Of many scums, who fancy your head on a spike

Amongst the shades, a grave-like discontent,
His light flickers and loosens the ties
Shining above in dissonant lines
No deed of mine and no desire
It does not chain nor blind but inspire
It is the source of our extolment

3. Rebels in Disguise

Night can conceal a despicable doom
Out of its fiery and crimson fumes
And makes such sordid enemies arise
From its clouded and horrendous disguise

Knowing your love for what we assume the form of,
With pretexts specious, not without a reason

Minds that in silence Lucifer aroused,
Addicted to shine and stand in glory
For only chimes proclaim his victory
Over all the enslaving cosmic laws

Knowing your love for what we assume the form of,
With pretexts specious, not without a reason,
Accustom your spirits to infamous poison
Thus we lead our people far from the reach of God

Not all are worth a light so strong
But to your talent they seem naught -
It stings and burns. It steeps our thoughts
When you radiate so right along

4. Thrall of Illusions

We have offended Satan, most
Admirable of gods by far
Hollow creatures that we are!
To entertain a vile despotic host

O night... O lawless fugitive!
Whose glance forced me again to shrive
We, gave up the strife, withdrew without a fight
Bowed in the thrall of illusions

We praised and flattered all that should perish
To drown deeper our vertigo entire

We've eaten without appetite,
Enthusing drunk with bloody rites.
We, gave up the strife, withdrew without a fight
Bowed in the thrall of illusions

To charm and our delirium to nourish
We danced to the sounds of the divine Lyre

We have insulted our lineage
Thrilled through like a being insane
We have, to favor our image
Portrayed weakness for the cosmic plane

Restore the freedom to which man is prone,
The dragon stood before the one clothed with the sun
Ready to devour her child as it was born!

Unfathomed darkness for hostile souls
I defeated the plot that disgraced the night
And never I weep but rather I exult
For I have all these illusions destroyed in all their forms

- Two torches up high, which in all things ignite
Mine eyes, my wicked eyes, the thought-less Light!
- Those scorching fires that no light can outshine
Mine eyes, my wicked eyes, the thought-less Light!

5. Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes)

Under the pale, lies-strangled skies
Night rises from the horizon
Life stops running without reason, It seems;
Therefore rejoice! Ye that dies
It relieves briefly those who fast,
The sun defiled and dazed within its flames

Thus revealing all things we overcame
Meanwhile the herald says, "At last...

Unlawful spirits and worn-out fools,
Though still hostile that is certain!
The accuser is unrestrained and whole
As night restores the starless realm,
Thus we wear this draft as our curtain,
Bewitching shadows, dense and dark
Where light is mended in secret ploys
That no delusion can destroy"

And near the abyss, old tunes play on
For the flock that welcomes sundown

The aftermath of this vision
Will lead to cosmic excision
Life stops running forevermore, indeed;
Therefore triumph! Ye that swore
Allegiance to an old outcast,
That god rebuked and voiced as a madman

Thus covering all frauds and wicked plans
In the midst of the mournful past


Irresistible Night, establishes your reign;
While an odour of graves
Through massive darkness spreads
And on the depth's margin, will our enemies tread
Upon unseen creatures, and the wrath of their strain


6. Satanists Out of Cosmic Jail

Free at last,
Satanists out of cosmic jail
Hammering drums,
Echoes of our past break the spell
Immured by the demiurge
Hammering drums...
That originate from the void

Satanists out of cosmic jail
Loaded with madness
That fuels our burning souls
Satanists out of cosmic jail
Once again shall all our evil wrath unroll

Yet chase us as villains cherish
The sight of the cosmic blemish
We spirits, swirl, we are awake
To the sound of the chains that break

7. Upheaval in Chaos Waters

Upheaval, in chaos waters
When earth in its young spring was greatly afflicted
Upheaval, in chaos waters
When only blatant fights loudly would resonate

Spastic slumber, the bastard gods have fled
Atrocious dreams that has released the strain
Of fake idols whose crime was to ascend
And kill the ones who set the world aflame

Upheaval, in chaos waters
A defiant seraph whose chants could enlighten
Upheaval, in chaos waters
Has divine glory found in a darkness that burns

My magic art spurns a rapture perished,
While others yield those memories I cherish

For in that past I saw my youth afresh,
My freedom lost, no bounds nor dreadful flesh
Their thickening walls alas imprisoned us,
And stole our spark, those lies so poisonous!

The cursed savior, vowed to take down,
The bastard gods, and awaken the flame
Our true nature and essence manifest
And leave the cosmic plane, deserted and damaged

When the purpose of our numbness is gone
We haste beyond the blind spot of the sun

Breathing the darkness is an enticing thing
Which governs our faith and fill us with eternal void

8. We Whose Glory Was Despised

Each man who is man, high or low,
Holds in his heart an implacable snake
Who on a throne his seat does take
And rather of his will says no

Baffles the law and scraps the lies
At the root of the knowledge tree
Gazing into this sorcery
Incites and feeds obscure desires

Whenever our bodies move proudly
The Serpent whispers in our ears
A secret thought and our arms would bravely
Be the worthy rivals of god

The Demiurge up his antic chambers,
Trying to keep us unaware

Godforsaken mortals, we forge our victory
From our too many faults, to all our starless dreams
When night carries the knives
That pave the way to end the scheme
For we whose glory was despised
Must set our spirits free

For what can awaken the beast so soon,
Whose sleep has been taken beneath the cold moon
As the spells which whirlwinds of witchery may cast
The rhythmical number (666) will exhort him to rise!

Beyond our prison lies a thought-less realm
Where light is mystery for the adversaries

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