The Rebirth of the Middle Ages

from the castle in the fog

From the castle in the fog
(The castle) with countless battles
Is sounding the horn

Only true warriors full of true hate
Are living in this castle
Raised in Pestland
Surrounded with dull clouds and frozen

I summon the mournful night
And come forth the chasm in the sky
As thunder rumbles
And the fullmoon lights our doleful faces

We have no fear
We who honour our mission:
The rebirth of the Middle Ages

It will soon be time
Time for the final war

path to the unholy frozen empire

Here comes the darkened winter
Beyond the Styx is rising the frozen sun
From the frozen Sea of Sorrow
In the darkest sky
The grim howl of the frozen wind I hear

And on my throne of ice
With my battleaxe
I summon:
Father !
Hear my desperate cry
The final war is coming
Victory must be mine
Grant me your power

The sword is flourished
We can hear screams
The screams of the knights

From the forgotten Kingdom of Desolation
Comes the final reign
The grim howl of the frozen wind I hear

The Kingdom of Tragedies
Is the final and everlasting kingdom
Born but endless is my kingdom

blood on my swordblade

On the top of a misty hill
We are standing on our warhorses
With our black swords
Proud as the raven and strong and evil

The battle is storming below
Our troops are trampling the vermin
As the smell of blood reaches us
We are the Black Knights
Born to reign

Blood on my swordblade

Trumpets are sounding gloriously
The rolling of drums is announcing dominion

Blood on my swordblade

We are led by pure hatred
By a desire for holocaust
I strike and I strike
With my bloodstained sword
We have no mercy
The extermination will be complete

the neverending reign of the black knights

Our time has come
Thousands of corpses lay on the ground
This is the day of victory

We are the Black Knights
We are born to dominate
Because we are Death
We are Darkness
And we are Hate

The Empire of Light has fallen
The world belongs to us now

All is dead, all is black
The Black Knights are victorious
We are the mightiest
Our kingdom will last forever

We are the Black Knights
The Knights of Evil
And no one will defeat us
Because our kingdom will last forever

We are victorious
We, the Black Knights
From the forgotten Kingdom of Desolation we've come to reign
And now the Middle Ages are rising again
And will last forever
I am the last King

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