Graveyard Dirt
For Grace Or Damnation

1. By Wind and Time

These weary skies fade deeper, endearing skies
Where dreary nights fall sweeter, its sweetest cries
Her florid earth now withered, still lingers wild
All scars unveiled forever, by wind and time

2. Daylights Wrath

Wake in moonlit skies, enslaved to your name
For your sense of lifeless recluse is the scent of shame
Stem my sorrowed dirge, bestow me all regret
For barren winds will carry your impious flesh

Blind me within your embrace, besiege the fallen rain
And recreate our darkened refuge, your sinful flame...
...still burns

When lust breathes despair and sorrow stains all life
Withdrawn in the shadows, lies a revenant of the night.

Spurn this grief that i no longer hide
Taste my pain so vile
In manifest i give undying light
Where faithless souls abide

All life i gave to you
Burning forever, enchained together
All death enriched by you

Spurn this grief that i no longer hide
Taste my pain so vile
In manifest i give undying light
Where faithless souls abide

3. These Hands Defiled

Morning breaks, my finest hour, one step nearer my god
Beside my love rests still, she knows not what lies ahead
Before the end of this day we'll leave this earth... by my hand

See these hands unfold and reach before you
Feel the lines within and hear their story
Touch the flesh so worn, still reaching for you
Take their warmth and know that they are yours

All my life is there, spread out before you
Many lies I've told, I still adore you
Though your sins are few, forgive me I implore you
So we can share one final embrace

Almighty god above has spoken to me
A calling from on high unfolds before me
Tonight we shall embrace as life drains from us
And know no fear of shame, just heavens scent

Turn your face to me that i may see you
Show no fear of death, let peace surround you
This command i give is sacred to me
Tomorrow we shall dine at the table of god

Can't you hear the divine chorus?
The angels choir calling for us
Be still my love, let me take us towards heavens gate

Pledge your blood to these hands, entrust to me your final breath
Eternal bliss beckons for us, hand in hand, now ...and forever

No tearful sorrow, no fearful lament
But the promise of glory divine
To walk among gods, dispel doubt from your mind
I have freed us from guilt
For my grace or damnation

4. Enslaved by Grief

Take me beyond my grief and rid this pain complete
Wake me beyond my sleep, and rid this life complete

May darkness rage within
And emptiness adorn thee
A love accursed to sin, a love accursed to mourning

Elusive flame in falling night,
Conceived of pain, consumed by life
No fallen angel by my side

As tears run cold through winding streams
The faith of a love forsaken
As dreams unfold through binding grief
The fate of all love awakens

Place me in your arms
Where death has plundered the sense of your pain
Take me in your heart
Where death has plundered the sense of your shame

Shadows entwine in night-time whispers

A time renounced in thought... I pledged to you my love
A time renounced in thought... I pledged to you my blood

Shadows entwine in night-time whispers

5. The Search for Solitude

While winter dreams, my will refrains
In its pallor I lie
Dark thoughts unwind, repressed in time
All that withers is wild

Where innocence is pure and desired, my sin shall remain

While winter dreams, my will refrains
In its pallor I lie

Take me, lost shadow, and bleed my pain
Where weariness becomes me and bodes my shame
I drown forever beneath these languished sounds
In oceans of sadness, they drag me down ...down

Within this tainted heart lies an empty an empty soul
In hollow retreat, a tale of woe
May this light betray, so that the dawn will wilt away

Unbinding, the valour of hordes deludes your name
unseemly, so suffer this wrath of fervent hate

Rise from shame, the winds call my name
Rise, Reclaim, the air bleeds my pain

Bloods sweet suffering
in stained hearts misery
Dying breath immortalised

6. Silence Awakens

My delusion undying, my whispers entrance
My rage pales in moonlight, where the dark waters dance

Awake in anger to swallow grief
In Hells creation not gods disease
Anointed hatred, a voice redressed
Just silent wander in timeless unrest

Denounced by perversion that stained my last breath
Enslaved through aversion, enshrined to all death

A sinful kiss eludes my pain
And scars forever the dying flame
With loveless memories, a distant past
Now fallen angels shall greet my path

Desecration of life, desolation revered
All pain unfolding, all pain surreal
Seduced by sadness both sullen and scorned
Reborn by desire, all desires reborn

Pour onto thee my sorrow, grief and despair
Hear my cries forever, feel my shadow stare

Where sin lies... I roam
In fears heart... my home

Bring me to the dark, that which pleasures me
Revealed in golden light, this scourge of vanity

7. Solace

8. A New Days Fire

Night, longest night, the eve of our dismay
In silence we rise with dawns cold light
Cherished thoughts of home, an image of hope untold
Inside our spirits ignite the flame to keep us alive

"By lamplight i write to thee
Not words of joy but solemn misery
Our blood has stained this sodden land
In floods of rain, in no-mans land
Comrades all each morning light
We pray at dawn to make the night"

Worn are our hearts, burdened with sickening fear and frozen in foreign fields
Deep are our scars, remembered in shades of red when at last our eyes may close
Dead are our dreams, lost to relentless fire
Sordid beyond belief, and spoiled for all

Rid your mind of sympathy and bury your remorse

Gone is all hope, scarred by the ash and fire yet drowning in the scarlet rain
Dark are our thoughts when fierce-some roars subside and forlorn skies surround
Long we have endured the nightmare of Hell on earth
And wondered, when will it end?

Rid your mind of sympathy and bury your remorse

Amidst the blood and fury through the waves and final cries
no word, no precious breath was wasted upon the ears
of our dying friends

But with the meeting of our eyes came the solace of not dying alone...
...or unknown

My god, i plead with thee, shield us or end our pain
And lessen the sorrow we leave to those whom we hold dear
And to those we will never hold, should the morrow be my last

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