The murmur grows - until they rage
It is not a scenery
At this market-place in middle-ages
Somebody - in the crowd -
Speaks a prayer
Hundred burning torches rise
In their light appears the silhouette
Of a mighty FUNeral pile

Headling with some unknown herbs
- Rising suspicion -
"Death" - they say -
"is what she deserves!"
- An innocent victim -
"Instruments of torture
will tell us the truth!"
And it feels like

"I'm representing the church
Somebody said, in you might lurk
Things - still not seen by human eyes
Is is dark magic, you are practicing?"

After there are no tears left
And they thought, they'd feaced the fact
"Nothing is as it should be
You're accused of witchery!"

"If there is a creator
If there is a god..
You will pay for all the dead
There's punishment above!
And somebody outside
this chamber of horror

Knows my fear, knows my sorrow
YOU preach, how could I learn?
'cause in this faith is

After this words wer spoken
The cowd wants to see her die
The way to the confessor
Will it be the last one in her life?

The murmur grows - until they rage
And somebody speaks a prayer
A prayer...

"A teardrop falls down from eyelash
The abusion has begun
Say, is this the way YOU love me?
All my might is gone...
If your eyes are blind, I'll tell you
I am one of the human race
Don't you see that wounds of violence
Slowly leave their trace?"

Help? From neighbours?
No chance: they ignore
Don't dare to discover
A little boy must suffer

"You're scum since your day of birth!"
- Hammered in his head -
Receiver of second-hand emotions
Degraded in slow motion
It's an unforgivable crime
What they're doing to their child
Did you ever hear about the right to live?

Did you ever see:
You are dangerously sick?
And you never learned
Controlling your frustrations
Exit: Mind Mutilation

After hours of heaviest violence
A little body had no chance
An explosion of brutality
Is the sad reality
Can't you see, your child is dead?

To the most around they seemed to be
A family in harmony
One point others couldn't see:
They're stricken by brutality...

Help? From neighbours?
No chance: they ignore
Don't dare to discover
A little boy must suffer


Victim of a tragic accident
To survive she really had no chance
And they thought, that all in her had died
But ONE part was still alive...

So they couldn't hear
The silent scream
As they connected her on this life-machine

An embryonic existence
Incapsuled in a corpse
Artifical rescue of a lost life
The decision: Right or wrong?

Let live? Or let die?
If it would be on you,
how would YOU decide?
An abortion, a solution - maybe
But taking the right to live from the
Baby away?
Why punish to die?

Is it murder or not?
Can they bear the blame in front of their god?
And a fear of the medical disciples:
Maybe the child will be born

Medical history hey write
A solution for a later life?

In the night to the 17th of November
- The point of time -
the world will remember -
As s manipulation-trial has failed
And an embryonic existence passed away


Nowadays they are called
"Progressive Wars"
So seen near ARABIA
Politicians preach with their greatest pride
The last thing we need is a nuclear Suicide!

Mankind will be sorted out...


A sweet girl of eleven years
Within her brain: The darkest fear
caught by absolute disaster
Her virginity - lost to the own father
There he comes with alcoholic breath
Now her mind is fallen, emotions are dead
Cold by routine she's accepting her fate
Which she must endure since her age of 8
People close their ears
And they close their eyes
They're only open for a moment
When somebody has died
The weak, little victims have no voice
And falling tears don't make a noise
How long does it take
'til a bit of compassion awakes
Something... disgusting!
Covered as a harmless game
Abnormality is reflecting
In all the things that happen
To other girls with different names
- Left without being protected -

"Hey, your daddy is doing a crime
To you and your little mind
A defect will always be
In your mental factory"

Locked inside the darkend room
As the horror passed her by...
The kitchen - place for the next rape
In despair she reaches the butcher-knife
And she refuses doing that once again
At a certain point of panic she cuts away
His little friend!
Justice now is sealed
But do you think now she is healed?
You can give her shelter
You can hold her tight
But you can't take away this horrible
When memories of the past appear
To control her life in fear...

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