Headhunter D.C.
...In Unholy Mourning...

1. Rotten Death Prayer

When your shadow bleed
The Seven Wounds of this great suffering...
When your soul sing
The triumphal disgraces of this Calvary divine...
When your life succumb
And yield to the wings of abandonment...
It’s when the Rotten Death kisses you
With Her ominous poison’s lips...

Skeletons dance over the old black tomb
And follow the crow’s nocturnal flight
As I steal your last breath
Oh, morbid enchantments arise...

Cultus Mortis... Ora Pro Nobis... Amen!

Intro concept by Sérgio “Baloff” Borges
Text written in 27/07/2010
Musick composed in July 2010

2. Dawn of Heresy

Lost centuries of pain
Lost years in the dark
Hopeless souls without destination
Caught in a vortex of lies
One night of a glorious might
United by faith they fall, one by one
Defeated by their own bizarre creation
Once a god, forever a farce... they got what they deserve!

Lambs of Christ
I can see the pain in your eyes
You can’t escape our blasphemy
Fear the Dawn of Heresy

Far beyond their forgotten graves
Undead before their beliefs
Insane, like a collective hallucination
Open eyes, yet unable to see
The dawn has come at last
Innocent desires fall apart in emptiness
Their lord frustrated all their expectations
Once a dream, forever an illusion… it’s the end of the Christian race!

Hordes of light
I can feel the horror through your minds
You won’t survive your destiny
Until the Dawn of Heresy

Dawn of Heresy – For a new age of blasphemy
Dawn of Heresy – Now the future born in me…
Dawn of Heresy – For a new age of blasphemy
Dawn of Heresy – Now the future born through me…

Leads: Lessa / Lisboa

A world without God… a world without Christ… a world without Church…
A world without Christianity… a world without hypocrisy… a world without God…
“And mankind reckons time from the dies nefastus when this fatality befell – from the first day of Christianity! – Why not rather from its last? – From today? – (…)The rest follows therefrom.

” (fragments taken from Friedrich W. Nietzsche’s “The Antichrist”)

Text written in 10/02/2011
Musick composed in October 2007

3. Cursed Be Thou

Cursed be the day you were born
May that day turn into murkiness
Extend on it the darkest of the clouds
And banished be the sounds of joy
May be closed the doors of your mother’s womb
Occult abortion, oh, you’d never exist
Darkness it shall be in your eyes
Like children that have never seen the light…

Chorus 1:
Dies Irae
Thunders in the skies…
Let’s celebrate!
Tribulation and torment
Raise your hands…
Let’s celebrate!

Cursed be the night you were conceived
May that night become sterile
Invade it the shade of death and chaos
And banished be the splendor of the stars
May it dry your father’s seed
A rotting fruit, oh, in great desolation
Emptiness it shall be in your soul
Like a black hole in the immensity of nothingness…

Chorus 2:
Noctis Horrendae
Lightning in the skies…
Let’s celebrate!
No ascension, but fall
Raise your hands…
Let’s celebrate!

I condemn thee… I despise thee…
I abominate thee… I deny thee…

Lead: Lessa

Cursed be thou… eternally!!!

I am the whip of the serpent’s tongue
Sip the poison of the horrors of your God
I am your perpetual stain
Getting hurt on your scars repeatedly
I am the killer of your light
Scaring you with the most frightening dreams
I am your eternal prier, dead eyes
And with morbid visions I haunt you

I curse your life and bless your death
And before you only your grave
You know you are no more…

I am the one who gives birth to the iniquity
While there are the skies you won’t rest
I am the opposite of your redemption
All the animosity against you
I am the whisper of the winds of death
Touching your (repugnant) soul in your last breath
I am the brother of the jackals, dead eyes
In unholy mourning I wake you hatefully…

Chorus 3:
Consummatum Est
Fire in the skies…
Let’s celebrate!
Damnation and death
Raise your hands…
Let’s celebrate!

Text written in 19/05/2007
Musick composed in May 2007

4. Deny the Light

Darkness is my name
Born to punish the skies
Swallow thy light voraciously
Light of the miserable ones
Light of the weak
That enlightens the blind and blinds the enlightened

Deny the light

Darkness, my dwelling place
The shadows, my shelter
Where thy light is not welcome
Where all faith is vanished
And all salvation is lost
Altars of shame far away from me

Deny the light

Holy deception, sacred frustration
Feel the scorn of the damned
Unholy conception…

Lead: Lessa

Deny the light, this divine fallacy
And face the dark if you dare
Glory in the depths of my heart
Where God’s splendor doesn’t reach

…It will never reach!!!

Doctrinized to spread the dark
On wings of chaos I ride
Winds of pestilence be my guide
Towards thy kingdom come
Where thy light no longer shines
Total eclipse of thy grace…
…now fallen into disgrace

Deny the light

Text written in 16/09/2008
Musick composed in April 2007
(one riff from ’87)

5. A Dream of Blasphemy

This is my blasphemy
An offering of sin and death
Able to darken the sunrise
And bring the heavens to the depths

This is my offering
A blasphemy of immeasurable might
Able to raise the dead
And left all the living to die

(repeat all)

This is my dream…
A dream of blasphemy
Where vulture-beasts dwell
Above your cross
The earth opens below
Unholy souls start to flow
Embrace your body
And carry you to the underworld…

Leads: Lessa / Lisboa

Text written in 17/06/2007
Musick composed in June 2007

6. Hail the Metal of Death!

Essence… Feeling… Passion… Cult
Chaos… Darkness… Obscurity… Unholiness
Hatred… Fury… Blasphemy… Brutality
Heaviness… Aggression… Madness… Possession

Honor… Pride… Glory… Sacrifice
Creation… Destruction… Kill… Die
Blood… Fire… Dreams… Life!

Horns up… crosses down
Hail victory!!!

Salve… Metal da Morte!!!!!!


Lead: Lisboa

Strength... Might... Pleasure... Delight
Loudness...Eardrums... Heads… Necks
Rebellion… Revolution… Subversion… Transgression
Noise… Underground… Death… Metal!!!!!!!!!

Text written in 24/05/2007
Musick composed in May 2007

7. Into the Nightmare (Thrash Massacre cover)

I don’t know what happens in my cold mind
I can’t feel my body, I don’t know where I am
My mind is confused, where is my light?
I’m just a puppet in His mighty hands

I feel the evil blood in my veins
My mind is full of hate
I got no control on my hands
Total insanity, I can’t understand

I am into the nightmare!

I cry to get out from this torment
I don’t know which forces are under me
Now I’m a slave, a slave of death
Kill and kill, I wanna kill… beware!

Repeat 2nd verse
Repeat Chorus

Lead: Lisboa

Repeat 3rd Verse
Repeat Chorus

Musick: ThrashMassacre, 1987

8. Unexorcised (Haunting Your Exorcist)

My sweet Regan
Innocent child
Once so pure
Now possessed and vile

Burning inside
Priest denied
Unmerciful fate

My sweet Regan
Vomit green
On Karras’ face
Oh, vision of sin

Take the Cross
And masturbate
You mother cries
As you deflorate

Father, your prayers have failed
Your holy water has dried
I am the root of all evil
Look at my eyes and you’ll see…

I am no one!!! Mirabile Dictu!!!

Haunting your exorcist!

Lead: Lessa

My sweet Regan
Chosen one
God has died
Evil has won…


*Dedicated to Regan MacNeil and “The Exorcist”, the cultest movie ever! Ave!!!

Text written in 14/03/2010
Musick composed in January 2010

9. In Unholy Mourning

Hear the bells announcing the death of your lord
Fetid incenses bring the smell of desolation
The old rosary no longer comforts in the last farewell
Now we wake his body with hatred and scorn

Oh, holy profanation
A black prayer for the one who has gone
Unspeakable words…
Death Cult

The imposing pale and gray sky above us
Memorials of God empty and useless
His orphan flock now dwells in his putrid grave
Heaped up and disillusioned with their dying faith

Oh, unholy sanctification
A requiem for the graceless ones
Unhearable hymns…
Death Cult

“Graveyards of nostalgia show the will of the weak
Black coffins rotting in rancid tombs
Christendom decayed, rottenness perpetual
Go God denied, our prayers are for your journey to be eternal and with no return…”

In unholy mourning for your lord
Waiting for the storm and the coming of the dawn…

Murmurs for salvation, cries for mercy
Echo amongst the dead
Bones of martyrs gnawed by a rat race
Unworthy of their (already) brief existence
Decrepit statues, decaying symbols
Posthumous memories of death
Pages eroded, scriptures erased
Rotting remains of the greatest of all lies…

Lead: Lisboa

Text written in 20/02/2009
Musick composed in October 2008

10. Lightless...

Dark horizons announce it’s time to die
Death calls you to the womb of the earth
Get free from all the lies you’ve heard for your entire putrid life
Enter a black world, an eternity of darkness
The weight of your body, the weight of your cross
All together into your new dwelling place

No one will hear your prayers… of redemption
No god will forgive your sins
Lightless where you are… hopeless salvation
Lightless where you’ll forever be

Lead: Lisboa

Repeat Chorus

Hopeless salvation…
Eternity of nothingness…
Black earth…
Black rotting womb…

Text written in 16/04/2009
Musick composed in March 2009

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