Hecate Enthroned

1. Intro
2. Soil Of Sin
3. Headhunter
4. No One Hears
5. The Face Of Betrayal
6. As Fire
7. The Shining Delight
8. An Eternal Belief (I Am Born Part III)
9. Morbeea
10. Redimus
11. Choose Misanthropy
12. Overriding Imagination



Soil Of Sin

I awaken
Apprehension and excitement engulf me
For today is the day
The expedition of indulgence
How long have I waited
My voyage to be the soil of sin
Knowing of delights untold
Thoughts are racing, mind reflecting
Time becomes non-existent
To the soil of sin I long to be
Where my black heart can now lie
Lost, lost, I struggle to find my way
Roaming the land I seek the unholy ground
Panic, panic, lost, lost
Lost in a place I know not of - Limbo
I see the light
Attracted I venture closer
Knowing of my earthly delights
Home is the soil of sin


Torn from the shadows drawn into my head
The powers I seek have been stolen from the dead
From being watched I take control
The temple of perversion shall be my home
I see them - the demons
That grimace just for me
The powers they bestow upon me I embrace
Watching over my sacred soul all my life
Saved by the evil that controls all my life
Perversity - blasphemy - atrocity - humanity
Sacrifice human life
Slaying all in my sight
Now as I see I can be what I am
Blasphemy in my eyes, blasphemy in my life
Now as I see I can be what I am
Angels cry, demons rise for my soul
Take control

No One Hears

Night draws near - I appear
For his life you now fear
Cloaked by the dark, taking form - hidden
In the shadows I do dwell - hidden
As the holy son rests peacefully
Totally unaware of my being
His life now in my hands
His life is worthless
The time to alter the future is almost upon me
Now you die - how you cry
Worthless life now destroyed
Day appears - no more fears
Nazarene - no one hears

The Face Of Betrayal

As you hang upon the cross
The lies are already there
More of an unholy cult
The face of betrayal
No real truths, just more lies
Millions sucked in
How could a man of love let this happen?
How could a man of love be this deceitful?
How could a man of love not giveth?
And how could a man of love taketh away?
You are not my lord - pathetic illusion
Preaching self-deceit, not a fiber of truth
I see your face - I vision the true evil
I see a waste of what life is
Fuck you Jesus Christ
You are no lord of mine

As Fire

In the end you can't disguise
What awaits you all and I
The truth is before your eyes
The gates open wide
Sinners, lost souls, bastards, join us now
Lead on by your faith, you're blind
The secrets you've kept will blind
You with the horde riding high
Your fate lies with me
Stand tall
Slaughter, kill them all, blood on my hands
Have no fear, as your death is nigh
The waves of hate reigning down
Man's wrath, as old as time
Relish in blood of me
No more Christian, no more Muslim
Kill religion - Judaism
Kill the mother and the father
Kill the priest - holy man
If you believe, that we are all sinners and going to hell
As fire, raging, burning, hate runs through me
Release thy demons

The Shining Delight

Years of holdbacks, years of strife
Some wasted time, some wasted life
A look to the future for all positive thoughts
The past is exactly that
Right here - right now
A coiled spring
Against the odds, against the grain
Like the worm, halved but alive
Immortal thoughts
We are here to stay
Now and forever
The truth is revealed, encased for all to see
The shining delight
A monument to longevity

An Eternal Belief (I Am Born Part III)

See them run from this place
Through the dark, no escape
I am here, and I rule now
Lives are perished, life is cherished
Beautiful sights
I am here and I rule now
Join me my brothers in my dark ways
The future is bright and gone are the gray days
The last of the sheep are finally hunted
No more remaining and no more wanted
The earth now finally cleansed of the scum
No more the weak, the afraid and the dumb
The planet of Satan my work now done
The cross is inverted, believe holy son
The earth now finally as it should be
No more the reign of hypocrisy
The planet of Satan now rebuilt by me
The cross is inverted - eternally
You cannot deny an eternal belief



Within my mist filled eyes, utopia lies
Look through my vacant stare
I yearn to wonder there
I shall now rise above you all
Passion inside to destroy
Yet through these years I have stayed (too long?)
I hate today again
You won't break me
Through these eyes, I won't cry
With these hands, I must fight
All I'll give is the hurt that you gave to me
It's but only time
Hold unto me what's mine
Fuck you and your kind - evermore
It is coming
Your venom won't stop us
Our onslaught relentless
They have tried, they won't win
The passion is too deep
Redimus - We return

Choose Misanthropy

The mind war rages
Truthful thoughts deemed inappropriate
Silence is golden
The path to a peaceful world
The way of the weak
Incompetence is all I see
As much use as your dead god
It's no wonder I fucking hate
Like a cyst you grow, soon to be cut off
Cut off from your mortal coil
I understand how the mind war rages
I choose misanthropy - this is my name
I choose misanthropy - this is my peace
Without solitude a real war would rage
However mortal laws in power
The beast must be tamed for now
But soon enough I will unleash my grand finale
My visions of what soon shall be are dark and sinister
My visions of what soon shall be are devastating in effect

Overriding Imagination

Perishing, withering
Mind unable to comprehend
A temporary state or euphoria
Brought on by all the mentally wrong
The last brick in the window
All light is shunned
A new consciousness now born
One of warm content
Grinning with glee, all that I see
No pain, no misery
Pathways exposed, mind explored
For what cost?
Sanity escaped
Brain malfunction
Overriding imagination
Nothing is right, all is wrong
I feel like hell itself
For every good deed there is an evil
Will I remember tomorrow?
Or is this another life?
The invaders come for me
Foretold in revelations
Untruly lost for words
And caught somewhere in time
The prophecy that I have seen
Is the silent assassin
Brain malfunction

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