High On Fire
Death Is This Communion

1. Fury Whip

Slit throat holocaust, Dark's the day of Pentecost
waiting for the ships to turn the tide
black fiend, treachery, the numbers fall, you wear thirteen
Pray the demons cannot kill the light
Killed dead, splitting head, making sure the lion's fed
Hanging by a thread that holds your life
Pain king, suffering;walk on through the acid ring
Imprisoned but your hands are still united
The fool's religion, Unprofit's truth
Live self destruction, Bad lucks your noose
Sin, sex, bad intent, making sure the moneys spent
watching as the dollars turn to dimes
Death tax, broken backs, time has come to weild the axe
paying for the check and all your crime

2. Waste of Tiamat

Twisting, falling, the eaagles they drop from the sky
Without warning the nuclear beast shows its eyes
chaos ramped the cult of severed head rise
Among the ashes, could not forsee strength or size

Haunting screamin, gone in a flash of your eyes
Preistly being meant nothing more than their guise
Fallen angels light up the sky with demise
Blackened hydra makes way as dark men conspire

Demons swarming, attacking the few who survive
Armageddon, the heaven and hell will collide
cometh conqueror, black death is alloted its time
Princely power, to walk through the blood is devine

3. Death Is This Communion

The site of last horizons
The minions seek to resurrect a God
The graves hold arcane mysteries
Various swamps hide terrible catacombs
The circle of redeemers
The pact is made with human sacrifice
Under storm filled skies
Behemoth of the sea awakes... Arise
Tremble at the horror in which it writhes
Once they behold and unearth the titans might
Faithful servants pay its ghastly price
Slithering, blasphemous, curse upon all life
Now you realize
Death is this communion

4. Khanrad's Wall

5. Turk

I cannot grasp this black psychology
My cage's walls are closing in on me
The rage that surfaces is not my soul
It's like a devil taking all control
The violence lives in me and will not leave
Like a magician with pain up his sleeve

The sigh of God is to unfold
Memories untold
For ever poem's a rhyme
The joke is father time

One delves in twisted sexuality
Substance abuse and immortality
A stark obsession no one else would know
Questions unanswered, how far can this go
The wall of torment, my blood's boiling
Break this shell to do what's so obscene

6. Headhunter

7. Rumors of War

Howling tracks of Hell track coming
Black storm on the rise
They fill our temples with their lies
The snakes come slithering
Chaotic hunters rise
Spit in the evil eyes
Stand our ground with hate and fury; fear that comes will die
Our enemies have come to life
A clashing comes, the haunting presence controlling all that breaths
It's brought the world down to its knees
Now they exalt the fiend
Your nightmare's not a dream
They'll choke you and your screams
Sacrificing sons and daughters, rolls the war machine
The tyrant fills his destiny
The hounds of hell are freed
And with their bite, disease
His evil never sleeps

8. DII

9. Cyclopian Scape

Reptile race crossbred down through the golden age, human haze
Lemurian throne taken and usurped by the alien drones, controlled and honed
Atlantian keys sunken and destroyed by catastrophe, left wandering
Bloodline kings slither down through society's reptoid dreams
Cataclysm to the elder tribes
Anunnaki have survived
Continents underwater shrine
Ocean vaults holding time
Say ye grace unto the serpent line
Unveil curse and their lies
Contemplate the lengths they'll go to rule
As their fangs dig into you

10. Ethereal

The skill and mind of magick
Holding the mystic doors
Like moths to ancient light
Follow ascend in flight
Fall through the ether lakes
Dimension time and space
I knock on astral walls
Gliding through daemon halls
It's black wings wrap around me
Fires glow red and white
A metamorphosis
Until the end of time
Cocooned and made to slumber
The beings that come from darkness
A resurrection passage
Awakes the armies under earth
I walk the open steps to answer
Abyssious voice leads me onward
A fate unknown by a future
A scepter raised of Hades elders

11. Return to NOD

Serve the shadows mountain peaks under the glass mirrored skies
Sing the psalms of the wailing winds
The entrance seer will provide
Stars reveal the tattered map
A land cursed of time
So speaks the words of our challenger seeking the ultimate praise

Speaking the words of the sorcerer's tongue
No one can stop what's already begun
Follow the footsteps and unlock the door
The giant you face has awakened

Fear is invoked by your trembling hands
The foe is deadly and wise
A sight that's filled the eyes of mighty men
The very cost of their lives
Take the aim of the shimmering blade
The vulnerable spot is precise
Swift is the hand of the waking beast
Crown of two worlds is the prize


Blood will spill on the warrior's feet
Casting the enemy aside
Exalting the hero for evermore
Steps to the throne of eyes
Serve the shadows mountain peaks under glass mirrored skies
Sing the psalms of the wailing winds
The entrance seer will provide

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