Into Dawnless Realms

1. Wrath of the Woesome Woods

North, where the stars shine bright
No light to be seen
Cold, icy forests filled with ancient spirits
Countless trees, pine and spruce
Suffocating cold, breathtaking frost
The wrath of the woesome woods, causes infinite causalities
The unsought final stop of the train of life
Blistering cold sears the flesh
Disappearing stars fade the difference between north and south
Light growing dimmer, transformation of east into south
The omega becomes the alpha
The alpha becomes the omega
Woesome spirits eating the last lifeforce
Revenge of nature
Taking what does not belong
In darkness we trust
Until the light takes us, apart

2. At the Crack of Dawn

At the crack of dawn
The dew still fresh on the grass
The rook of a distant crow
The call of the night slowly dies
Bloodred is the trail
The night does not answer our call
Alchemistic knowledge about eternal life, bloodred
The power, the splendor, longing for the night
Bloodletting by dawn
Resentment of the soul, the eternal conflict
Answering the call from within, evil emerges
At the crack of dawn

3. The Offering

Mentally challenged vassals
Partus sequitur ventrum
Boundaries retaining men
Unable to unchain their brain
Unless you receive the offering
The gift of sense
Dolor before havoc
Challenging the unchallenged
Akin affection into infinity
Adoring ardor immortal itse
Enthralling essence, the lifeforce
Copulating neurons, conceptualizing the omnipotent numen
Entanglement of thoughts sprouting copiousness
The fire of vicinity, approximating the heath of the heart

4. The Cranial Galaxy

Bright thoughts of expanding darkness
Lights twinkle upon the collapse of understanding
Firing neurons, like stars in the night
Ideas spawning from the cranial galaxy
Galactic brutality
Time travels faster than light
Inception of solicitude for the greater cause
Internal struggles before reaching the ultimate goal
Time travels faster than light
Galactic brutality
Prior to realization, time runs out
Light fades, slowly falling into singularity
Time travels faster than light

5. Valor

An estimation of the moral
Time leaps into oblivion
Never-ending fear and anxieties
Endless frozen treetops exemplify the infinity of life
Valor, Veni, Vedi, Vici, Valor
Green hilltops progress into glazy white mountains
A bird’s eye view on the majestic treasures
The distinction between hope and despair
Valor, Veni, Vedi, Vici, Valor

6. Argusogen

Vanuit 100 ogen gadegeslagen
Argus Panoptes
Met argusogen gadeslaan
Argusogen, argusogen, argusogen
Argus Panoptes
Vele visies, vele blikken, weinig blozen, nooit verkozen
Argusogen, argusogen, met de dood bekopen
Laat zien waar je bent, openbaar jezelf
Waakzaamheid en wantrouwen
Argwaan koesteren, mistrouwen
Naargeestig mannetje, niet te vertrouwen
Argusogen, argusogen
Vanuit 100 ogen gadegeslagen
Argus Panoptes
Met argusogen gadeslaan

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