Impaled Nazarene


Cogito Ergo Sum

Painted my world black
Destroyed everything I had
Burnt all the bridges behind
I was prepared to die
Ready for Armageddon
Then nothing came

Cogito Ergo Sum

Waited for another date
For this shit planet to end
Why the fuck it didn't go
The way it was supposed

Not only I am bitter
I am filled with hate
All I ever was asking for
This shit to end!

Haistakaapa vittu jo by Wildchild

So I am trying to reason
Trying to carry on
Yet I am hoping for
Total mass destruction

(Music: Laiho, Lyrix: Luttinen)


There is a limit, of how much I can take
And swallow all their fucking shite
Then I built a shelter, to protect my thoughts
'cause it is all against me

Feel the hatred Start shivering
My destiny is human-proof me

Any positive feelings, cannot afford to have
'cause they are all in fucking vain
No use to be stronger when I can be meaner
And use the cattle just to gain

Repeat chorus

Once I reach the state of my new godhood
I will turn into the asshole you told I am
'cause there is no conscience, there will be no limits
For all the shit I will put you thru

Repeat chorus

(Music: Kellokoski, Lyrix: Luttinen)

Wrath of the Goat

In these darkened times
Nothing fucking matters
Why fucking should it
Shouldn't you fuck off

In these fuck off times
All is said and done
Emotions dead and gone
Alone yet not lonely

In this shithole planet
Nothing comes for free
I am so fucking fed-up
Trying to cope with me

In my full of shit life
Shit keeps raining down
Shit keeps hanging around
Taste of shit in my mouth

This is the wrath of the goat
Leave a message and do fuck off

(Music: Kellokoski, Lyrix: Luttinen)

Angel Rectums Still Bleed (The Sequel)

Welcome to my dominion
Enflame my hellish hunger
Feel this burning lust
Fallen angels of heaven

Let me fuck bejesus out of you
Fulfill my darkest dreams
Fuck all the consequences, can't afford to care
And angel rectums continue to bleed

Welcome to my dominion
Show your true nature
Sacrifice everything you have
Reigning sluts of hell

Repeat chorus

Feel my inner fire Swallow my hellish seed
Steal my heart Force me to weep

Sexual molestation by Wildchild

Repeat chorus

Look into my eyes Fuck me dead
Take my soul Cut up my chest

(Music: Anttila, Lyrix: Luttinen)

Post Eclipse Era

My world view shattered when prophecies failed
I loathe this world, it makes me sick
I am tired of eating/vomiting out the lies
Confused, beaten, crippled by this life

Everything means nothing, so pervert it all
Time to stop caring, just fuck it all
Nothing means everything, just let it go
Because in the end it means nothing at all

Why should I laugh when shit blocks my jaw
How could I cry with my blinded eyes
Repeat chorus

Still crawling around, sweating like a pig
This makes no sense, my living hell

I taught myself, of hatred and scorn
Living hell, need to recharge
Reality strikes, I do understand
It's clear now that you can all just fuck off and die

Pretentious, back-stabbing, two-faced world
Post eclipse era thus dwell in joy

(Music; Kellokoski, Lyrix: Luttinen)

Nothing Is Sacred

World gone to hell or so they claim
I don't give a fuck, I don't fucking care
I do as I please, I have my own rules
I carry my burn marks, scars really proud
Make me bleed!!!

Nothing is sacred in my world

I have no regrets for things I have done
There's nothing new for me under this sun

Nothing is sacred in my world

I am the usurper of mankind
Lurking in the shadows, lust in my eyes

I am my own master, my own god
Since you can't handle it you can fucking
Suck this by Wildchild

Time to worship me!!!!!

(Music & lyrix: Luttinen)

Zero Tolerance

Lyrics will be delivered in the near future.

(Music; Laiho, Lyrix: Luttinen)

Assault The Weak

Blood sprays the landscapes again
As we lauch full-scale attack
This has been going on too long
Your existence is a joke

Assault and destroy all the weak
Crush them with an iron fist
My world doesn't need scum like you
Finally it's the payback time
The new dawn soon will rise
You will pay with your fucking life

Screams of pain fill the skies
As you watch your breed to die
Your prayers are said in vain
As Satan's generation leads the way

Repeat chorus

Shoot to kill Crush to destroy

What will be left of your world
Is just a hole in the ground
We will change the history
Set new standards for a human being

Repeat chorus

Shoot to kill Crush to destroy

(Music; Anttila & Kellokoski, Lyrix: Luttinen)

How the Laughter Died

When you have painted yourself in the corner
You wish you were a spider so you could escape
No matter how hard you try to ignore
It still has that iron grip around your neck

And the laughter died, torn from me
Piece of me missing, mentally lost

Yet in my dreams, those big eyes protect me
Leading the way to the safe nest

When everything has failed, all things come to an end
It's time to understand your reality check failed
This deep buried pain, another sleepless night
There's no easy way out from all your fears

And the laughter died, torn from me
Piece of me dead, emotionally fucked

Yet in my dreams, those big eyes protect me
Leading the way to the safe nest

(Music; Kellokoski, Lyrix: Luttinen)


By sick fate we are born
They should have used condoms
Everything is being blamed on us
Mistakes, their fuck-ups

Weight of the world on shoulders
Mentally so close to breakdown
Life tends to become distorted
When everything is shit except piss

Suicide is not a solution
But it remains an excellent option
Perhaps the time is ripe to go
Time to harvest what we have sown

From wet womb we are torn
Thrown in their nightmare world
Year after year being pushed too far
Till we cross the final line

Suicide is not a solution
But it remains an excellent option
Perhaps the time is ripe to go
Time to harvest what we have sown
Rotten seeds have now grown up
Separate them from the good ones
May all deathwishes come now true
And conclude that: B.!!!!!!!

(Music: Anttila, Lyrics; Luttinen)

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