Lacrimas Profundere
The Fallen Years

(music O. N. Schmid, lyrics Ch. Schmid)

... and snow was falling
as to many was hidden
but properly we perceive snow just really
when it comes with thousands of flakes and
covers the territory in which we linger

at the moment with it's
all-transforming white
doesn't it this we
take notice of it, but it
burdens or pleases
us just for this short moment in which
it dances

from the sky
and falls to the ground and melts
snow is just like unborn life
it pleases or burdens us just for
the moment in which it so we say lives

maybe a human life is only a snow-flake
in the eternity of the universe which dies

before it see's the light of the earth or melts
years later in its pain

Perfume of withered roses
(music O. N. Schmid, lyrics Ch. Schmid)

... and the waves sighed helpless
as the shore devoured them
the clouds which adorned the sky

so dark but beatyful
every stone, every stem
is all part of a picture
together they weave on the beholder

who takes the nature in and comprehend it
but this picture is different from human-eye
to human-eye
though it will always be the same

bewitch me the perfume of a withered rose
which is actually dead but the perfume (and the beauty) are steady
though it changes please or shock the human mind
a withered rose often in connection with grief

the withering so we say it is the end
but everything can fade away the love the pain ...

so we say that the withering is loosen from
all spheres
and it's just a cover which hides the life
in it's being

but in any form the being is constant
though it is often or eternal only the rememberance
but the only true grief is not the withering
it is that rememberances fall to pieces too ...

(music O. Schmid, lyrics Ch. Schmid)

Love is all I feel, and the fear
that it could end one day.
you're the only sense, of my life
and of my pains.

you, you carry my dreams in you,
with your lovely kisses and your tenderness.

why did you left me my all-inundated warmth:
with your smile,
with your tears
and with your hope
that you put in me.

my fate withers with your body
and your beauty
which shines only
in my rememberance of you my calamity

o. I loved her but now she's gone

and there she lies in her coffin,
all what I feel is pain
as I closed her dull eyes

and shed a passion's tear

be this my last hope, but I
will never leave what I ...

Eternal sleep
(music O. N. Schmid, lyrics Ch. Schmid)

I am the only one
who understands me
in my ebony dreams
why can't I be just like them
... happy

life is gone
beautiful, suffering
my eyes drown, in delusion

my body paled and cold, let the
silence bloom I never will arise
in your arms again

now, with her hand, she closed my eyes
and gave me the last kiss, her tears drip
in my pool of blood

but, I've died with a
smile, 'cause no one did really search the
tenderness which sleeped in me, no

why could I not feel the love which flows through
all of our souls it was the fear that I never could fall in it

but so I'm gone and no one can bring me back
now shed tears what you on earth never did for me

now, they weep on my grave
weep they all just for me
now, I'm sad about my mistake

why can't I return to earth, why?
there so many who loved me really
o. pain

Autumn morning
(music O. N. Schmid, lyrics Ch. Schmid)

Broken love fills every part
of my body to late
we've found the knifes in our hearts
let me out, let me out
from a cage called love
so called love?

I would die for you
but now I die for my depression
I haven't no longer to live
because I lost the key to the door of
your lovely mind
the blooming harmony is dispersed
but myself is dispersed too

I feel like a fallen leave
withered in a lost love

I'm longing to dive into the sea
of tranquillity and drown
in it to feel what I never felt
before ... freedom

(the expectantly sleep)

o. depent which agony
melt in nothing
but the beauty lives on

autumn morning
cold, dark, foggy
autumn morning
commit suicide in
autumn morning

autumn morning
I laugh loud
autumn morning
because I will never remember this
wonderful time
autumn morning

cause I am dead
I feel like a fallen leave
withered in a lost love

I'm longing to dive into the sea
of tranquillity and drown
in it to feel what I never felt
before ... freedom

(the expectantly sleep)

I am dead

A fairy's breath
(music O. N. Schmid, lyrics Ch. Schmid)

... and kissed the fairytale-land with pride
under the trees of lust
the leaves pure shadows on me
which shelter me from the darkness
which I was
I hold the dreams, within my arms
thrash the earth, within my tears
and heal my wounds in meadows of light
forgotten in the drowning land
now I leave my wishes
but love conquers all ...
and every angel needs a tear to laugh
calling the fall
trust me, I am your lunacy
embolded, enthroned so it's a king for a while
but gloominess it seems so gentle
the gestures of the gist
ingrowing taste of dreams
infatuate my gift, now it becomes light
inexact but clear

(music O. N. Schmid, lyrics Martial)

Cras te victurum, cras dies (Postume) semper.
Dic mihi, cras istud (Postume) quando venit?
Quam longe cras istud, ubi est? Aut unde petendum?
Numquid apud Parthos (Armeniosque) latet?
Iam cras istud habet Priami vel Nestoris annos.
Cras istud quanti, dic mihi, possit emi?
Cras vives? Hodie iam vivere (Postume) serum est:
ille sapit, quisquis, (Postume), vixit heri.

(music & lyrics Ch. Steiner)

Zersetzt in blassem Licht, das Wärme gab
schlief der Mensch im Lilienmeer
scheinbar ewig wartend, aber werdend
betrachtet von den Augen derer, die ihn liebten

The gesture of the gist
(music O. N. Schmid, lyrics Ch. Schmid)

... and there is no sun
not then and never again
glossy nativity
desirable perfume of light
flavourless silence
the beauty of the gist
... but what is the gist
nothing or everything
embedded in lies about the real sense of life
the poise between the beginning and the end
... but this is the last dance
escape from this thorn undying
enrich me please in my thruth
the slumber in enchantment
deify the breath, my only passion
... but there is no sun
no gesture no gist
only me, only freedom, only life

An orchid for my withering garden
(music & lyrics Ch. Steiner)

Still drunken of spring's shining meadows and the myriads of flowers,
we shut our eyes to the beauty and fell asleep
... and oblivion erased our memories of fall and blinded our eyes.
Overwhelming were the days, as autumn embraced the land and zephyr
kissed the sky with passion ...
but more seldom we remembered the perfume of a long withered spring
and summer caress
faded like a candle in the wind, leaving a legacy of gold ...
... and still we slumbered - dreamless and forlorn ...
but for the sleepless who perceive, a blossom's tear will be a monument
of those long faded summers and bears the seed of a new spring
... and those will feel no mourning as fall grands them a farewell kiss in
the orchid-fields because
their gardens will gleam everlasting ...

Enchanted and in silent beauty
(music O. N. Schmid, lyrics Ch. Schmid)

... and then she became older
and left her friend in admiration
studded with bitter tears
sickening falls the colour
taste for taste
drowning in the nectar of clouds which pass the light
blind and bleeding
as the summer ever walks through winter's woods
... those sales ...
stay far from me I lie to myself
... and still I wish
I woke up again in the shining of help
freedom and immortality
I opened my hands and call for me
... but any beauty has its thorns
in the empty pictures of your life
surrounded by radiance
in the dust of every little hope
no one can see what happens in the end
and you didn't want to see
dry tears ...

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