Lacrimas Profundere
Fall, I Will Follow

1. For Bad Times
2. Adorertwo
3. Last
4. I Did It For You
5. Sear Me Pale Sun
6. The Nothing-Ship
7. Liquid
8. Under Your...
9. ...And Her Enigma
10. Fornever

1. For Bad Times

I cry for fate for you
Heal me to
To you and cover me inside all
I guess its true to cover me
I didnt want to I soon belong
I cry for fate for you
and one small moment cant be not me
I just tried me too
cover me

2. Adorertwo

I gave it up and
It ends
When youth collide in me
I got it
Dont wash your tears in me
I gave it up for you
Being nothing
But,I cant do that
I need no one or no lives so everthing will be nothing
I cant ease your burden
I need no one or just any life
It's all in me be my every
When thist shit`s over
you will cry a tear soon
Its over and you cant stop it

3. Last

Another day in bad times (hold)
back your fears that belong "to me
ride into the last time
I trust in you
for you last adorer
and then we are
into the purensess of my soul (nothing more)
fuck the dreams which drown in (me)
please give up and let it be
ride into the last time

4. I Did It For You

and heal me
I didnt wont to leave
I sweare I did it all for you
I did it to you
for every pill which swallowed me in your sun
I burn in you evert time
I thought It
but you arent my earth
let me burn in you baby
or dive into my heart
so we will no longer get
what we deserve

5. Sear Me Pale Sun

cover me
fall cover me
fall cover my heart
sear me pale sun
sear me pale sun light
my bleak heartand says
wont get better
by the shivering of your breath
cover me
fall cover me
fall cover my heart
sear me fale sun
sear me pale sun light
my bleak heart
it cant be that in ends
for no one
feels like this

6. The Nothing-Ship

What is evening
What is "to let me fall"
What is to "to shed a tear"
With every breath
you will sail
so try to touch
my ocean
so this is sailing
but who can now hold on
and that is to run with fear
your ship will be nothing
in every heaven
and now you see
that you cantbe
any thing or nothing everthing
you are a lie
you are a lie to me

7. Liquid

it all to me my love
I hope its not the end for us
please come into me or not
how cant be
I understand your blood maybe (your wounds)
and all we shall adore or not (fuck)
I hope you feel it too
please do carry me in you

8. Under Your...

Your life
can it be that you
your times is
I cant breathe a lie
I cant believe that we will die
I cant believe that all is gone
to pour your tears in our eves
it means nothing to you
every touch
cannot be for you
your dead escape is all
I need times we shared

9. ...And Her Enigma


10. Fornever

Its you and high
I cry for
our time
- time -
I love your tears falling down and no heart should go on
your hair is like winme
your skin
- time -
I love your tears falling down to kiss our love goodbye
so pour me out and burn me down
I be with you and when
It all ends my soul ends to
I fall for you my tears
will belong to all
your times and to cloudy touch for every breath my heart beats with
I cant be me
for me
Its a feeling a nevertrust a thought
can you give up
and drown back just never forgive up
please drown
I never fornever you

Lacrimas Profundere are:

Oliver Nikolas Schmid : Lead guitars, Clean guitars, Feed backs
Christopher Schmid : Vocals
Christian Steiner : Hammond, Keyboards
Willi Wurm : Drums
Rico Galvagno : Bass

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