Lacrimas Profundere
Hope Is Here

1. The Worship Of Counting Down

Little world, little you
Disappointing you
Goodbye falling down, keep replaying in my head
Your amber flames, burning in my ache

Little world, little truth
Goodbye never trusting you
Goodbye melody that everything will never change
Not looking back, lost and on track

You and I we're free
When nothing - is all we have
When I needed scars

You and I we're free
When nothing - is all we know
Blank infinity
The worship of counting down

Little dream of us tow
When I think of you
Goodbye to your eyes - their smile - locked inside my head
Day after day
You burn it away

Little world, little you
Disappointing you
Goodbye falling down, keep replaying in my head
Day after day
I burn it away

2. My Halo Ground

Breath -
I cannot see clear what I have now
Seek -
For disconnected meaning in my life
Where can I find meaning?

Is the rain drowning me?
I see circles -
My halo ground

Is the flood freezing me?
I feel paralyzed
Charged for nothing

To withdraw the fear I'm carrying 'Ground
This self – constructed being
A self – constructed being

Where can I find meaning?
Where can I find?
Where can I find meaning?
Where can I ?

3. Hope Is Here

Just a moment in time
Yesterday in black, tomorrow is blind
Could I start dreaming again?
It make me understand
How you can flay

Hope is here
Hope is here
Our hope is here
Hope is ....

Are you slave to your self
In a war of today
That turns wrong in the end
I feel like freedom is mine
And the past is consigned
I close my eyes

Could I start dreaming again?
Could I start dreaming?

4. Aramis

Laying awake to find
My – lost piece of mind
And let it go
I let it go
You're running wild
While I'm loosing time
And let it run
Run run run

I've handled the world
And now I – now I'm old
That is all I wanna do
I've handled the world
You know I – want you to get old
That is all I want for you

When will you find
Your peace of mind?
Need to let it bleed
The warning signs
You left behind
My dusk your dawn
You're on your own

5. A Million Miles

I don't feel now, where I belong
I don't see how I am a live
I cannot find a place
I cannot find my place
To stay

I breath my life away
To make you wanna say
Believe me, believe me
I breath my life in ways
That I don't mind
If you're okay
Believe me, believe me

I am here now, searching for life
I don't care hoe, your love is gone
A million steps to stay
A million miles away
From me

6. No Man's Land

Born in peace and kind of
Is it royal downtown?
Win against the cold
Mystified and old

And it's the echoes sound
Aching and breaking
I'm proud to wear my crown
I wish to rip it down
Law hands deep in my ground

Sun and moon and I'm not
And in falling old
I beg for you
To play along.

7. Pageant

I'm your little fellow
And lazy today
Let god out a window
Ash golden deceit
Day in, day out
On repeat

It's so fascinating
Our fake parade
The need to know
It's all the same

I feel myself is withering today
I need love more than anything
To get back on my way
And my reflection is really my best friend
I keep myself in shape to die more in the end

I chew my newspaper
Vicious everyday
Grow grass that's greener
I want to marry me
We all, will have
Our way to die

It's suffocating
By the air that I breath
With pride I smile
Through pearly teeth

8. You, My North

Years I go I said
Goodbye to the south where we met
The warmth that we both had
I can't find you there

You don't understand
That we aren't here
Our direction is yet not there
And follow your stars
To the cold, black north
This is where we belong
For now

No bloody east, no west
Can limit what is best
The love that we once had
I will find it there

And follow your stars
To the cold black north

9. Awake

I am high on my own
I will stay here forever
Watching days come and go
Ding things "just because"
There's nothing I'm scared of

With a head full of nothing
I have something to say
When the time-creep is not
Standing still
With a head full of dreaming
I don't care what they say
You don't want me to leave?
I stay awake

Look at all of my nothings
Everything feels so new
It's just you and your shelter
I could see quit a future
Nothing's - damn new

10. The Path Of Broken Homes


11. Timbre

Here I am
As old as you
Here I am
As good as new
Never alone
Lighthouse of pain
Here I am
Far away

Only child
Where child is found
Our home, our home
Where's the light that save our lives?
Roots alone
Guide us home

Here I am
Without a home
Here I am
A carved out soul
Always alone
When I fall
Here I am
After all

12. Black Moon

I heard you're flying
With me my dear,
With you my dear
Sunlight is shining
Most everywhere

Seems you world is dying
I burn for you
I'll burn with you
Sometime I am hiding
Your everything

Why did you beak you promises
And try to run from me
I die if I would not have you
In my atmosphere

I'll sign you-to sleep
I'm on your way
You're in my way
Black moon I see you fighting
For anything

Without me you have nothing
Slow down your life
Slowed down for life
I can see you drowning
In my blue everything

13. Aramis (Eisbrecher Neuschnitt)

Oliver Nikolas Schmid: guitars (lead)
Rob Vitacca: vocals (lead)
Christop Schepperle: drums
Tony Berger: guitars
Clemens Schepperle: bass

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