Lapsus Dei
Broken Memories

1. Human

Behind the eyes of the nature
A synthetic evil comes from within
We are the new gods of thunder
Burning away the path of nudity
Bringing despair to the land
Dictators of the atrocities of our own wisdom
She gathers the broken bones of failure
From the selfishness of her brightest child
Monstrosity of our reality
Mis manos culpables
… de su existencia

2. Faithless

You cannot save me
There´s nothing to save
They cannot save us
Even from themselves
I´ve learned from the pain of my wounds
But yours are empty
Has your words a meaning?
To my imperfect world
Meaningless words
Empty wounds

3. The Feeling Remains

My loneliness
is not just the lack of
a crowd
its a feeling that devour
i live alone
whithout a choise
the feeling remains
i feel alone again after
all those efforts nothing's
takes out my mind
unsatisfied with my surroundings
i look sensations that leave a wound in time

stay with me
on the way
the feeling remains
on the way
the pain remains
on the way
without light
on the way
with scars
stay with me

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