Lapsus Dei
Dibujando Mi Karma (demo)

1. Ancestral Karma

I don`t feel any more, I don`t live any more,
No more...My dreams are gone,
Into a senseless world,
And the past take care of my night,
Night of my storms.*Where are you,
Ancestral Karma
Go to the past,
I only want to live in peace.
I remember my last fight
Symphony of sacred death,
I still got my bloody sword,
¡¡Of remembers cover into pain!

2. Destiny

I feel alone, In the darkest of dark,
I hate the life, but, I hate the pain.
I only cry,Remembering the rain,
I only cry, Remembering the rain.
Cry, cry, cry, cry...
In my wood, My shadows,
Wait for you, Dancing under the rain.
My misery, Will be ended
My essence goes, My spirit die.
Your destiny, Is the solefald,
Your destiny, Is my soul.
I am the solefald, In the darkest of dark,
I am the life, And death.
I only cry, Remembering the rain,
I only cry, Remembering the rain,
Your essence is gone,
Your spirit has died.-

3. Instrumental

4. Mistika

Ingreso, al desierto,
abre la puerta de este, camina en mis manos.
Siente el gemido que abraza el dolor
Sigue el camino del fuego,
vete, a tu mundo, y deja mi alma,
vuelve al horror.
Vasta de heroismo, sin sentido,
Siente el dolor,
Mi cuerpo, tiembla, y la muerte, me atravieza,
esculpidas, en plata, estúpido miedo,
me, has, cegado
y las siento, como lobos,
sedientos, de noble sangre.

5. Murderer Thoughts

I only have murderer thoughts
live in peace or die in life
it`s the morbid unknow dark is my looking only blood,
I see on her face psychological murderer
only bring my mind to the limit
and surpass the bile glass.

I only want, to live in peace
temptations come, temptations gone
har edge light, blinds me
turn off the dagger, shining
dark, it, with blood
I`ll cut the bitter bread of,
every day I`ll eat her tongue
and I, will live, in peace, forever!.

I only have murderer thoughts
dark is my looking slow is my reflection
I only scream inside of my soul now,
I can`t turn back I`ll write my own bible
of my personal life
I only want to live in peace.
I only want to live in peace.

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