Tentacles Of Whorror

1. What Fresh Hell
2. Heir To The Noose Of Ghoul
3. Cut, With The Night, Into Mine Heart
4. A Necessary Mutilation
5. A Bouquet Of Blood For Skull
6. Deciphering Legend Within The Serpent'S Briar
7. Vexed And Vomit Hexed
8. Tentacles Of Whorror (Revel The Tyrant)
9. Requiem For A Turd World
10. Blood Red And True Part 3 (Plummeting Obscure)
11. Mouth Orifice Bizarre
12. The History Of Rape

1. What Fresh Hell

Take wings at Midnight,
Under glimpses of a uncertain Moon
Her thoughts become scarcely human,
They infest and cloud her mind
And she longs for this rotting ill,
And the grim bolt of her king
She waits in bestial desire to meet her master's last words
"Do you think I would except just any soul willing to give itself to mine power...
I torture and chastise you to ripen you for mine embrace...
Taking wings at midnight"

2. Heir To The Noose Of Ghoul

Your flesh is relic,
Your vessel obsolete
The zenith of Reality's hood
Where Infinity runs its course
Deeply Satanic vapors seep once more inside,
Your flesh is relics, your obsolete
Your blood will stain your gold
Beyond reason
Beyond intellect
Your idea of Hope

3. Cut, With The Night, Into Mine Heart

From the land of loveless
Knowledge born of Darkness
Mine Forest Burned to the ground
Burned to the floor long ago
Cutting the night from mine heart
Basking silent in hatred
Rinsing, Rising
Proselytized to hatred
Steal on the thiever
Bearer of 666 diseases
Fuck, with the night, into mine heart
Cut, with the night, into mine heart!!!

4. A Necessary Mutilation

A Collision of violent jagged stones of dead
Beach and soft pale flesh and brittle bone
The sun sets over the bloddy scene
Her Screams of terror roll off the shore,
Where once she bathed her fragile skin in the sun
She is now penetrated by demonic force
Stones grinding her flesh to pulp,
Leaving her unable to run
Spilling Cunt blood on the waves,
Water runs it's course
In every orifice there stabs a stone
In every cut she bleeds to death
In every orifice of her own
She watches her last breath
Crushing her beneath it's jagged edge,
Splitting her open violently
The many stones plummet upon her flesh, beating her
Silently fucking her
A vicious beating of rocks and stones
Hardened earth takes her
Pounding thrusts crush her bones
Serrated edges breaks her

5. A Bouquet Of Blood For Skull

Crush the dried petals of roses that bore light
Brandishing talons at the sun
Yawning and empty the petals wither
Only grayed stem remains
Revive the silence that the stars will again shine
Weep not for chalice and not for lurking inspiration
But for relief from grace, finally with grasp

6. Deciphering Legend Within The Serpent'S Briar

An again the sea of wasted, wasted scent of Venus
Venus casts down the decry
Decry tainted spice red, red is the number of the spider
Spider's web rehearsed acidic
Acid creates the pattern
Pattern marked onto naked flesh and the flesh is now grass
Tall grass that cloaks the serpent, the serpent that which births the stone
The stone is inscribed with "law", but the "law" conflicts with virtue
And virtue sheds a 1,000 tears
Tears upon which you Trample, and drown becomin again serpent

7. Vexed And Vomit Hexed

Fear steals a voice
The price paid for dreaming
This is the cloud that lumbers across vision
A canopy of paranoia threatening light at its sting
Visions of existence appear and recede
For isn't it the end that makes passion rise
And isn't it the during that raises the chalice of tears

8. Tentacles Of Whorror (Revel The Tyrant)

Hovering just above blind earth,
To join with her mist
Some never never embrace
Reach and grasp this frost-bitten heart
Stench and smoke bellow from under
Dispersed in dark womb of night
This gleaming harlot reflects the magician
And the child's horns mirror hers
Longing to travel with she
Skinless and away
Head thrown back in defiance
Belly thrust forward
A vagina full of feverish visions and the foul fiend peers from behind her eyes

9. Requiem For A Turd World

Christ is lowered, needing thoughts to exist
A wicked time is at hand
This tone your holocaust
And virtue is for the dead
Cold cacophony surround you mind
Trade slavery
Slave traitor
Bloodied, chained and dying
Freedom is a vice of your mind
Born of idiocry
Among mountains of whispered lies
And the trails of the foe

10. Blood Red And True Part 3 (Plummeting Obscure)

With the fate of the muse unsure
Assumed ambiguous in rust
You depart toward death and war
So obedient
Back turned to the winter
You fashion this direction
Still the bleakness will not submit

11. Mouth Orifice Bizarre

The eye's sight scrapes back and forth against the frame of death mask slit
The mouth gurgles forth
A black matter thick and putrid
Naught ears detect the rattle
The hissing crackle of time
The vessel convulses in rhythm with torment and space
The air cuts the skins
Force now under
Bandages hands tear and pull at the chest cavity
Screamin all the meat away in a epileptic frenzy
Searching to not exit
The feet wait silent in a pool of excrement and blood and still the mouth gurgles forth
A black matter thick an putrid

12. The History Of Rape

Sorrow rains down, hatred reigns now
If satan be mine only audience
So shall it be
A curse
Cave scorpions across the lips
A curse
As I cut mine flesh
I send this to you
As I bleed,
As I heal
I send you the misery of Existence
A curse
I see your stink

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