Longing For Dawn
Between Elation and Despair

1. Our Symbolic Burial

Everytime you were searching for me each time a knife twist in my heart

As if it's just begun to realize the consequence of neglecting such radiance
Come brighter than ever leave me blind say your precious lies all over again

When mountains were moving at our will two drowning souls dreaming of the surface

What drew you so close?
Now show me how to stop the rain
In a blink of an eye to let the shadows lengthen

A helping hand to confront what has been sown to choke on what we have done wrong
Just try and forgive and let us believe the feelings were true and real

2. A Sunrise At Your Feet

Those empty words resound in the depths of my soul
Shaking the pillars of a distant foundation undone

Whispers of a hope on a winter breeze disruptive calls in my fragile obscurity
A blood red heart pounding yearning a feast on a silver plate to grasp

A new path to follow in the mist of summer one step forward into oblivion
A dead and road through childish eyes an irresistible change for this better life

Another shot to the heart for what it's worth
Almost everything is said and done so let the morning come

Even if I truly wish you were somewhere near
Nightmares always fade at the sun's first rays

Tribulations souls les flots, une fenêtre sur un monde insondable
Treize cycles lunaires pour s'égarer vers une aube si précaire
Supprimer la trame sonore d'un court métrage sur ton silence
En s'efforçant de reconnaitre l'essentiel parmi tant d'abondance

3. Reflective

Caught in the maze of a granted wish as your colors restored a slice of my fate

A thousand lonely nights longing for you
And a quarter of a year to erase the doubt

To open up while it closes in
To see if it would make any difference

A season into the chasm of our carelessness
To find out what the future holds

We might be guilty but at least we tried
And wherever life may lead us

Like a river that runs to the sea I will retain those memories

4. The Piscean Dawn

Sent from above with a broken wing, will we hit the ground together?
Crushing down at the source of your attraction my peaceful river became a cascading fall
Knowing that everything lasts but for a while
Your absence beams through the edge of my clouds

Within the scope of what I could hardly perceive in a few moments of clarity I feel you there

Like the lunar moth on the window screen we were born yesterday and we might die tomorrow
Just to save these intangible days that turn into nights in a reckless shift

To untie the knot that restrains us in exchange of the beginning and the end
Three days of torrential rain leaving to a different ground
Loosing signals of your fairyland proves me wrong

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