Longing For Dawn
One Lonely Path

1. Access To Deliverance

At the edge or our demise the crossroads of existence
A brutal awakening a sad reflection of who we truly are
The menace an altered consciousness architect of my purgatory
Restless but destructive it will die wondering
At the fortress of my withdrawal survivor of the aftermath
The sweet redemption of scavengers on my soul

2. Lethal

Resignated across the rubicon awaiting salvation in the void
Standing at the threshold of another paindriving reign
A typical winter storm dissolved in a colorless rainbow
A monument for the ruptured two seasons away from summer
Caressing the bleakness a smile from the living dead
In praise of sanity the courage to leave it all behind
The Swan's song the rejection of the light once more

3. Total Absence Of Light

All I ever wanted dried out withered under the sun
The wage of ascension the golden years cease to exist wiped
Out the Harmful way Heaven's denial illusive dreams remain
From yesterday's passion a repulsive assembly echoes from the
Ugly sounds of what was defiant listen to this uncertainty
This imminent destruction this unbearable affliction

4. Ashes Of Innocence

In your eyes unspoiled the promise of a better day broken
Bitterness when leaves are falling the dark clouds of sorrow
The dread you create shallow cries in the night desperately
Seeking a fragile shelter to hide an outlet for the mind
Those miserable conditions forsaken the blood runs cold
Despite the illusions it was written in the sky
Only in darkness the heart becomes one

5. One Lonely Path

An angel weakend never to soar again
The fall of a glorious time a scarifice
Farewell to you

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