Longing For Dawn
A Treacherous Ascension

1. The End Of Laughter

Abandoned at the far side of you
Still your spirit hangs over me
to watch for the unattainable
Arms open wide but on my knees
Something went wrong along the way
My fate stares at me
Your curse takes its toll
A lifetime to remember
Whatever that meant
is still means the same
Yet I renounce the irreversible
At dawn I should be gone
There's nowhere to shine
for this fading bliss

2. Discidium

When the trust is lost and gone
the roots of our growing disharmony
at the barricades of the heart
The ever flowing tears of the secluded
We crushed what we conceived
The ruins of a dying legacy
Nothing else was as sweet
You used to lift me up
I remember that ethereal serenity
an Illusive sense of security
In times of disbelief to deteriorate
Beyond this killing loneliness
lying at the gates of indecision
The choose has been made

3. Ephemeral Cure

I recall when the fire burned
infested memories that last for years
Before your own pitiful existence
has to be reconsidered once again
I'm still missing the essential
Wondering about the futility of your words
An eager desire the will to understand
the essence of that fascinating bitter end
Striving to keep the pieces together
Slowly climbing the stairways of recovery
A glimpse of warmth as an exit
to venture where the answers lie
Living another day I can't relate to
Somehow I will find a passage through

4. Once Supreme

Since the sun has set
the secline of an epic realm
unable to rearrange the void
that you left behind
That's never to be fulfilled
forced into a renewal of dismal hopes
Frail attempts to resurrect ourselves
to admire the only thing I could not reach
The one we always took for granted
The doors they are closing around me
Every meaningless efforts
Exhausting and bound to fail
To grace the past is all in vain

Line up:
Simon Carignan: Guitars
Etienne Lepage: Bass Guitar
Stefan Laroche: Vocals
Frederic Arbour: Guitars and Electronics
Francois C.Fortin: Drums

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