Lord Blasphemate
Devotion the two Pledge of Calix and Sword of Blaze and Blood (demo)

1. Worship and Glory to Ancient Rites

The black sky now is illuminated by a somber moon
There are people in a circle singing ancient corners
With blood make your macabre ritual
and ask to your God your obscene desires
They are offering sacrifice and inverting the cursed cross
The liberate your orgiastic fantasies repressed by false dogmas
And with thirst drink the Nazarene's blood
A big and black god appears on the hill
All of them reverences it, with your majestic omnipotence
Your eyes in flames shout for more sacrifices
And seat in your throne. The perverse goat drink them
The profane raise the glass and deliver on the master's hand
He consecrates and give it back to your servers
All of them receive and with a satisfaction smile
shout your name in loud.

2. The Omnipotent Athame of a Iconoclast Lord

A man dressing a black rug stop on the hill
He listen the wind and look the moon
Take from your pocket hangman's ashes
And with ashes draw your pentagram, singing ancient rites
He looks the moon and see the complete equinox
Kindle five candles and with your athame your blood on the pentagram.
It's offering to your master.
He finish your corner and a silence reign on the hill.
The profane close your eyes and listen the wind.
"I'm who aggrandize with your sacrifice,
what help you in the suffering hours
and that came help you like a father."
The strange man listened the wind and spoke with the entity
Asking for your vingative and obscure desires.
The entity listened and with an imperative voice order a sacrifice
The vengeance would be your soul suffering on the infernal hadel.
The moon appear from the shadow clouds and illuminates the pentagram.
A body without life now is ate by crows.
The sacrifice was accepted.
The wind howl a scream, a scream of suffering.

3. Tears of a Crucified Nazarene in the Golgotha

4. Acknoledge Paragon of Master

Possess one master that we salute. The lord of down and perfect things, lord of men and justic. We worship him without fear and dread, we serve without request protections, we make homage in our macabre ritual, we worship your love and not your dead image.

The ancient praises your majestic acts, at once we love he in your secret circles and signs. Fix the cross of ignorance to destroy your magnitude. Burn your sons and steal your teachings. But from the utopia flames he receive.

Now, revive to teach the truth to the sick hieromaniacs, to restore the live and cure the pain... HAIL... HAIL... -Master of masters. HAIL... -Lord of lords. HAIL... -Father of christ. HAIL... -Master of god.

5. The Neophyte, the Awaken of Wicca

Millenary books occult a supreme knowledge. Hide books behind occult words that hail the name of Eblis. It contains the liberation of the cross slaves from stupids dogmas of jehova.

Cabalistic symbols occult words and mystical pentacles, are reveal only to the neophyte devouts of the master that abjure the profane and obscene trinity.

Inside a mystical pentacle I sleep and dream with Wicca.

Ancient old men with your loud sounds to your father Leonardo.

I see in my dreams wht circles around of a great bonfire. In a fertility ritual.

But the bonfires isn't of the liar Messiah. Across the centuries try to stole the master's greatness. Enigmatic dreams with megalithic temple, vestiges of a advance culture supreme knowledge opressed by dogmas.

6. The Serpent Genese Twilight, the Nahash, the Aoboth

It's a dark empty of the don't created cosmos. Like a black abyss of an unrelenting depth. Infinite empty, or merely a sand grain without form and enigmatical or inexplicable, the empty created one form. MELECK what create in flesh, your face in the mirror. Together created NAHASH, and destine of the men to obey her. The men accept and love NAHASH with all love. And with envy IOD-HEVE is ignored by the men, and usurp the serpent's throne. It's the NAHASH twilight. It's the eternal glory of AOBOTH. Betrayed, NAHASH vociferates all your hate against the usurper of your throne and start your millenary combat against the deceiver hordes of JEOVA.LEVIATHAN is divide and again decide obtain your crown. SAMAEL pervert the luxurious women with your flesh. LILITH get the men impure, and makes him stronger and conqueror. The cosmos is divide on light and shadows. NAHASH raise your empire. Preparing himself for the combat. Written by ancient old men illuminated by your secret words. The day of eternal glory of NAHASH. The eternal and millenary triumph of AOBOTH.

7. Countess Bathory (Venom cover)

Welcoming the virgins fair, to live a noble life
In the castle known to all - the Count's internal wife
She invites the peasants with endless lavish foods
But, when evening spreads it wings, she rapes them of their blood
Countess Bathory
Countess Bathory

All day long the virgins sit and feast on endless meals
The Countless laughs and sips her wine - her skin doth crack and peel
But when nighttime fills the air one must pay the price
The Countess takes her midnight bath with blood that once gave life
Countess Bathory
Countess Bathory

Living in her self styled Hell, the Countess dressed in black
Life's so distant - death's so near - no blood to fury time back
The castle walls are closing in, she's crippled now with age
Welcomes death with open arms - the reaper turns the page
Countess Bathory
Countess Bathory

8. The Old Coffin Spirit (Rotting Christ cover)

My soul is trembling, asphyxiated exhalation
But, feel like my name
Starting around the tombs of marble
Untouched carry the crew of ages

An unwed coffin attracts me
Inside the fear an odd wonder
Strange prompting as I read the name

Now rest in my new dwelling
The property calls "Be done"
I'm the old coffin spirit
Master and slave on my own land

Well hidden behind the pute stars
Fluttering in distant unknown zones
Macabre dance with the diastric winds
Hrismed to haunt the kiss of light

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