Lord Blasphemate
Lucifer Prometheus

1. Lucifer Prometheus Sun in Aries 0°0’0″ - Equinox

Lord of hes
In your fileds of sterile sands
I've planted my dreams
Plowed your arid land with my illusions
And watered your barren seeds
With tears of the unborn children
Now i listen to the lament of thousand mouths
That scream in my cars
Songs of the dead that i don't listen
I close my eyes and contemplate the emptiness
But, there is no way to hide
There is no escape to myself
There are thousand eyes thay accompany me in darkness
There are thousand eyes thay accompany me in darkness
There are thousand hips that kiss me with the taste of cold death
They shackle me in the prometheus abysm
Vultures at the night come to peak me
It comes to eat my eyes
So, without eyes, i walk like a child
Seeing things that no one else can see
Planetes turn, stars born
Exploding galaxies around me
They are born and die life a fetus in the womb
That light blinds that light takes, to the pains of life
Moments of reflection of life / death
Millions of eyes blind me
Millions of souls see me
Like a static photography in black and white
I frozen image stuck in the time of times
Am i a abysm child?
Will i have the sydrome of christ?
Not. I will not be a lie of nazareth
My wish will not be hanging on a decrepit cross
My will cannot be the subject of your filthy shackles
Because i am a thelemic and look at the sun
It glows Lucifer Prometheus
Sirius in the constellation of cannis minor
My interior thelemic abbey
Evoe ho i acchel
Epelthon. epelthon. Evoe iao
Prism that dissect the light and colors
In the red of the serpent's cult
The old red serpent
Changes its skin as a continuos symbol of life
Symbol of my animal instincts
Satan, i hear your voice that wind brings
Your voice is the sweet poison that embeds my soul
I am beside your altar
With the symbols of Abramelin in my hands
With the dew forming ancient symbols
In the silver blade of my ancestral athame
Blue light of lapis-lazuli that baths my body

2. Heptarchia Mystica - The Enochians Slaves Angelicae

49 doors guard an entrance of spiritual kingdoms
Inhabited by different hierarchy of beings that
Keep the wisdom of the interior world
Are that beings angels to populated the dreams
Revealing ancient knowledge in unknow words
That can't be understood by the rational me?
I observe the portals passing in front of my eyes
I thin line separated the madness
I behold only the aethyrs of vovin
There are inside and out of myself
Trying to be unbeing, the me not myself
A secret is revealed at every step
In the words of faaip de oiad, the speak of god
On every secret, a revelation
49 gates keeps the understanding
Worlds that crosses in the infinity of an atom
A conclave of beings that govern angelical divinites
The quintessence of stelar gnose

3. The Magician Hierophant of Hadit in Equinox

The prophet hold his pen in a old yellow papyrus
The paint runs ike blood in veins
Words long slumbered awaken to the call of AIWASS
In the equinox a gate is open
I feel the vibration of LAM
Bathed by your light, I am the sword of HADIT, my secret scepter
Under the look of the millenary goods, the messenger writes your law
Commandments for a new AEON
Come,crowed child
Show yourself under the stars and take your love wealth
My ecstasy is in you
NUIT, my celestial splendorous dome
Dress up my star mantle
Your lips kisses the sacerdotal, the ministry of HOOR POOR KRAT
The boozed consecrate to your incense
He is the herald of ANBU AF NO KHONSU
Your voice is melody that packs my soul
The scribe traces symbols in the air
Only visible to the eyes of your children
He teaches OBEAN and WANG, the work of the wand and sword
Your lips are sealed with serpent's fire that blind the eyes and burn the flesh
Your word is ABRAKADABRA
HAD! The manifestation of NUIT
Queen of space, I consecreate to you my incense of jasmine
My offer of honey and flour
The ritual's key is in the secret word
Keep between your ties of the blue eyelids woman
The hierophant rises your sword
With a blow he tears the flesh
With a blow he tears the vein
With a blow he tears the Eden
Let the sterile and infertile lands to the sons of CAIM

4. The Paroketh Veil 0 The Sun of Tipharet

Crossing worlds, I walk from sehpire to sehpire
Inside the mysteries OTZ CHIM
Reading between the lines of the book of occult mysteries
Purifyng fire that burns the soul ASEN METZARETH
My feet touches the abyss and i feel the veil of existence
I walk into the eleventh occult sephire DAATH
At the first nail of the crucifixion i tear the veil of paroketh
I enter in the home of avatars, the incarnation of OSIRIS
The house of VAU, The third manifestation of TETRAGRAMMATON
The old beared king is at the reach of my hand
I leave TIPHARETH behind and escape from syndrome of christ
I am an abysm child
The rainbow bridge was crossed, revealing the mysteries of the temple
Searching for RETHER, I follow the path of AIN SOPH
Mysteries of ancient times, black ophidian current
SOTHIS tradition

5. Draco Estelar Ophidian Ignea

I speak lies
Of books never reads
I repeat words that echo
In the immensity of the void
They hurt like a blade
Cutting in pieces the soul
Leading me to the darkest night
Where will never leave
So in my most horrible dreams
I hear a voice that calls me
A melody of angels and demons
Makes my body hovering
In the middle of the darkest night
A small point of light forms
And now no more fear...
Inside the astral light
Slowly return to the body
Coming from infinite space
A silver cord that shines
Driving lost steps
Then feel the pain of worms
Which devour my eyes
My body rotted
Stuck in the sand of time

6. In Astral Journey Through of Kingdom of the Quliphots

(Unknoa actor, text extracted from the opus "THE SERPENT OF GENESIS"
Part II of Stanisla de Guaita)

You have planted theeffulgently in the heart of the land your sword, oh Cherub! In
the heart of the infidel lover that the kisses of a god, didn't preserved with self,
Other than the germs of lie and disappointment. You have planted it in the heart of the
land, Oh Cherub! And the guard expand itself in cross of clarity like flower. Your red blooded glave fecund, Oh Cherub! the wounds that you've made, when heal, the scars are matrix of light, the six that you carved had become motherly, the beings that you blessed with your virility gave birth to the clarity and life. But, in vain, thy gave pierced the bosom of the nothing prostitute, thy bosom have not shaken, remained sterile. And the bosoms didn't grew with the milk of immortality...
Wife of the cronos, didn't keep from the virgin anything but saddest
Allowences, two privilegies of death: the cold and infertility
Oh land, the kiss of your husband didn't find you fecund, your husband
Badmouth your always cold flanks to him, and your arduous renewed in vain do not
Reammated your marble, he doesn't heat unless in adultery, the attempts of the
adversary, and under the embrace of evil...your constant infidelity conceives untiringly
Give birth to a disappoint illusion. You only gave birth to infernal maggots and spectrum, born from your criminal guts
But the adversary doesn't exist: Your bad nights are a occupied dream, your
numberless sons are deceiving appearances that fools your sterility

7. Le Messe Noir - Le Psychodrame Original

The hell is ringed
The procession enters with firm steps
Dressed in black hobes carry candles in their hands, incenses, censers and images
Before the most sacrilegious of the sigils, touches your penis and vagina and make the sign of
The cross and they scream rapt with the drunkenness of the wine:
Dressed only with the mantle of fire and stars
The priestess offers his body the luxurious agape of effusive passions
Your globet is open to shelter the host and screams the celebrant
At the sound of the monotous drum, the barefoot feet marks the rythmy of the black litany
Singing anthems in praises to the infernal powers, the incarnation of la voisin appears in front of the altar
Your wrinkly hands, decadent of lots of century of life, brings the offertory with the host of the immolated victims
Rubbing in the priestess body, Catherine Deshayes offers the sacrilegious bread with his on blood.
And all puts the phallus of the nazarene in the mouth and screams
The celebrant raises the body of nazarene and blind with rage throw him at the floor
blaspheming and spiting in the crowd sceams: here's the body of jesus, he has what he deserves

8. Heptarquia Mystica - The Enochians Slaves Angelicae (orchestral version)

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