Lord Blasphemate

1. Intro Hail Satan/Twilight the Stones Gods

Sometimes i feel sad
I look at my life as a mirror
That reflects an opaque image
Like a broken glass
That reflects images of who have never been
I feel lonely in a crowd
A boat wreck in the middle of an empty sea
Surronded by hipocrisy human
What made me the wisdom to hate
I try to be an island
No boats to take me anywhere
I just close my eyes
And do not see anything
Run away, closer to myself
And then sleep...
Subtract the depths of the
Fears that sleep forget
Back to the dark womb of the crib
And before birth and, death...
Inside me there is a void
Of planets that revolve in a vaccum
In th silence of nothingness
A Slow dance of the cosmos in perfect harmony
My idols fell to the ground
My altars are empty
Filled only with the feeling of nothing
With the dust of gods that were

2. Ra Hoor Khuit

Where are you my brother? Where are you my sister?
The night are so dark. And the cold that a i fell
Freezes even my soul. The sound that i hear is like the far lament of
those who was left behind. Lost in the maze of nothing leaching between the hands the grains that fall from the hourglass of centuries and centuries ago. RA-HOOR-KHUIT. The pantheon of gods fill the most
high place HOO-POOR-KRAIST-IST you color is blue HERU-PRA-KRAAT. Her eyes are fire that lights my night red so intense that guides me in the dark as the sun shine. As the oil in my forehead a role flared, words written in blood saw ashes and the wind takes.

3. Pentagrammatica Libertate Doxa Fato

God...What bursts of purulence body infectec. Exudes his cadaverousodor in the templos of dementia. What degradation, abject minds who boasted to the fallacy of salvation. Sleepwalkers... defector... miserables... gather in their temples ethereal Camorra, because they can not see and the reality ofanything. Photophobia, decadent, crawl on the crutches of the priesthood. His celibacy is the major injury that dividade pollutesthe earth, the goddess matter, the flaming star. Its tenets are sepucrais larvae of decrepit fathers, iconolatry servile ideology. No...no...no...I can not be silenced! My heart breaks with fury at such infamy. My throat barks the words that are like thorns on his brow and my word is like nails on her frail hit the cross. No more tolerance, the time the lamb is gone. Agnes I died, overwhelmed by the weight of its own failure. Rise Wolf,I am the wolf. Rise to Lion, Im the lion. Lambs and wolves can not live together anymore, they die first. My flesh is transubstantiated, my eyes are fiery and behold, I raise my brow. In it, a number stand out. Ancestor figure, reveals the human fulfillment. I am the alpha, omega in my hands is the final chapter...This is the moment of true human redemption.

4. Ophidian Prometheus

Inside me there's a demon roaring
Ripping and tearing, the certainty that one
Day dreamed of having, your saliva is an
Acid that burns my skin and blinds my
Eyes. Its a cry in the wind that shoots
Ancestor ancient words of bygone times
And dead times, like the sandstorm in the
Desert barren, burying temples of magnificence
Inside me there's a demon, that raised in
My heart, because the pain of a dismal
Existence. My tears are like the dew that
Waters the plants hungry for life, who now
languish buried by the existence of anything
The dawn is near. The era of certainties
Take precedence before the hypocrisy of all
The pallid incompetence hanging on a
Cross, watched helplessly the end of his
empire of illusons
Here comes a time in the aeon

5. Thelemic Prelude to Mr.Motta

6. Ophisophia

Delphic voluptuous form.
Sinuante snake edema
Biform creative androgyny of contrasts
Balances the universe to go twisted the caduceus
Revel the creation to bite your tail
Leviathan, Samael, Lilith, Naemah
Your skin is home to the forms that has no end
Symbols of ancient rites
Mystery of human ancestry
Divine Goddess kundalini
Renew your skin, in the eternal circle of rebirth
You are the Alpha and the Omega,
The principle endless, ever-changing in the matter
How many people have worshiped your image?
How many sacrifices have already laid at your feet?
Tree of wisdom, are the reason free
That in itself is home to the mysteries that
Has no end

7. Lux Lugrubius Liturgy

Moloch, Prince of the land of tears
In the arid fields of bones and dut, I
Dared to raise my voice
In the dry river best, the years passed
Like grains of sand in a hourglass
And the seeds that played on a sand burial
Sounded like the cry of a child in the
Womb of his mother dry
Look, a dead body falls asleep in a tree
Crowned, the thorns will pierce the surface
Dismal incompetence hanging on a cross
Ideas of a madman, who sowed
Sterile in the ears of the blind will
Sheep-sacrifice, the sacrifice to go
On the altar of freedom, their bodies tremble
As if to touch death
Can no longer break the chains and therefore
They hide in their decrepit photophobia
Afraid of the morning sunlight

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