1. Wooden Wheels

Years are worn

The breath of time is spinning faster

Yet weaker in stature

Reeling on my fear is sewn
But not with threads of a new moral

Staggering spokes of decline
To bring to halt or continue to fault?!

An open chest (is) plundered
In mind we numb and begin revolving

Spinning straw into old, to stow way and fester mold
Adding layers, stripping years
My ride will end in tears

There is no time to feel patient
No patience to feel time

2. Walk The Path Of Ash

Separate and diminish
Dress with a new shell

Vanish deep, walking in sleep
Shun those who let their love show

In this defense, a selfish plea
For you to live and maybe see

If you are a riddle that tricks then plagues with rust
I'll go unnoticed like the dust

Walk the path of ash, return to insanity
Walk the trap

It is more wretched than the usual prey
Who take and fake with no merit, no trace

Gone is the one, our faces seep
We have not won, ashamed to weep

This is the toll, the broken gate
A wreath to lay on the grave of faith

3. Empty Throne


Ross Sewage ‒ Bass
Aesop Dekker ‒ Drums
John Cobbett ‒ Guitars
Christy Cather ‒ Guitars, vocals (additional)
Laurie Sue Shanaman ‒ Vocals

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