Lux Divina
From the Tomb to Nature's Blood

1. Forgotten Divinity (Deletrix) Part I

Black empress of the primitive and pure Nature
Between the light and darkness of all ages
You write my forebears’ literature with pride
Commemoration of naturalistic cults

In the presence of the destruction of doomed men
Before so many possibilities
Oblivion and dust

Litanies in every dawn
A new rebellion unleashing its fury
Like a black cyclone from the past…
Like a desperate cry…
In the night of the bleeding trees

Forgotten Divinity
Goddess of all Goddesses
The last natural treasure
Dwells in your divine womb

Under black clouds
Our cold tears fall
On the green tombs
You awaken ... at the funeral of those who caused you pain.
We now listen to your voice...listen to your voice

2. Bloody Herbs of Revenge

We slither like snakes
Amongst the old weeping trees
At the same pace as wolves
We roam in the mist
Towards the congregation of the ancients
In the forest that watches and listens

Towards the bloody herb’s temple
We walk under the grey rain of fate
Where we can feel…
The majestic triumph of the forgotten black goddess

Like an aureole of our burning eyes
Like the old blood of the raven of the willows

Towards the bloody herb’s temple
We walk under the green incarnation
Where we can feel ….
The fear of sacrifice on the cold slab

Like the old blood of nature
Like the forgotten pagan tongue…

3. Praised Hymn to the Horned God

Nature worship amidst us
A hymn of praise to horned god
Pagan symbols on the shore of infinity
Horned god…
Magical beliefs in unity
Eternity and the endless cycle of birth
Death and rebirth

Pagan beliefs
Transformed our wild soul
The revelations of the ancient Earth
A hymn of praise to horned god lives today

Like Silvanus dances under the rite to Noctiluca
Like green Gods on the holy shroud of humus
In the fog in the forest’s orgy

So beautiful…
The poetical mystery of seasons
So painful and cold…
My journey through the mountains of ashes
Where the ancient tombs

Under Eos’ shining on the green fields
When Silvanus sings for the veiled-faced maids

4. The Mother Nature's Tomb

As the hills remind with highness
How hard is so find the brightness
To forget her light
Never let to fight
In the tomb resides the human madness
Sympathy to deny the roots
A blind grey heart headlining troops
Reading wrong, the ancient word
The horizon far, her spirit tongue

Mother the strength deserves new landscapes
No longer forgot
No longer ashamed
Reign again...

Glorious while heaven falls we stand so proud
No longer alone
No longer afraid
Dance again...

A false heart beating
The Mother Nature's tomb
The child's wound screaming
The Mother Nature's tomb.

Then swell the hand
Don't dwell the ground
Walk and fight for the true

Reasons come, the elder word
Today the blood don't flows
Creating rounds, victorious howls
Again the Mother Nature's come

5. Serpent's Philosophy

Triumph of Nature
By naturalistic cults
Upon a wild mountain
Back to pagan beliefs

Serpent’s philosophy

6. The Oracle of the Funeral Trees

In the direction that the wind travels
The old funeral trees dance
Oracle of all power
She of the golden bosom that never forgets
Bestowing fire on the ritual herbs
Burning seed of visionary wisdom
Make of the tomb of the forest a secret

And we will be tributaries with our hymn
And we will be tributaries with the bread of the dead
With our silent mourning
With the nectar of sacrifice

Oracle of all power
Lead us without pain to the grey gathering
Guide our steps to the cold inner temple
Make us trees that seek out the sun..

7. On Nature My Existence Disappear

8. Black Goddess' Mountains

From the very depths of the darkest past
Amidst the first rays of father Bel
Which caress the woodland’s Edge

We ride around the cold mountain’s throne
And the black birds of battle…
Fly over green empires in respectful silence
Over the mountain of spiritual sacrifice

Black Goddess’ mountains
Talk to me of pagan black virgins.
Totems of my forebears’ shaded forest

Lonely old mountains
So primitive and wild
Like the magma that emerges from the demons’ deep throat

All the enigmatic elements of Nature
Beneath the great crowned star
In the congregation of the harvest fullmoon

9. To Darkened Catacombs

Were summoned the souls of the dead by Cyllenian Hermes...
Touched by the wand the awoke
and abeyed him and followed him squealing…

Even as bats in the dark
Mysterious depths of a cavern
Squeal as the flutter around
Should one from the cluster be fallen

Where from the rock suspended they hung
All clinging together
So did the souls flock squealing behind him
As Hermes the helper
Guided then down to the gloom through dank mouldering pathways

10. Naturalistic Cults

Old vegetable blood… awaken
Flowing through the veins of the sacrificial forest
Ornamented with horns
Awaken next to the wolf and the hammer
They won’t ever master our wild symphony

On the magenta throne of spiritual sacrifice
Old hands makes beverage out of wisdom
The bloody herbs of revenge
In the cauldron of times
Brilliant secrets of vegetable kingdoms

Lies written from fear
Are like the cold dream mandrake
The torture of its faith is the sign of our rebellion

Through naturalistic cults
We won’t fall into oblivion…
We won’t burn on the bonfire of the terrible traitor...

11. Forgotten Divinity (Creatrix) Part II

Your coronation
The coronation of Nature

A revelation
A new incarnation
A glorious sap emerges

We sing to you in our verses
We sing to you with praise
Mother of the prime seed
Mother of the wild horns
May our sacrifice never hurt
Your cold green skin

And my hands no longer... shake
Before the cold steel stained... red
Deadly fall of the treacherous empires

It’s only a path
Your last embrace
Protect me
Walk with me
In the darkness of the world

Forgotten Divinity
Goddess of all Goddesses
The last natural treasure
Dwells in your divine womb

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